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PS4 Game Reviews

7.0 Grim Fandango Remastered


Grim Fandango is one of the classic adventure games. That's why it deserved more than this lazy remaster.


7.0 Game of Thrones Episode One


HBO's Game of Thrones is what a character drama should be: tense interpersonal relationships, heartwrenching twists and a man that inexplicably can only say his name over and over again. There's only one developer capable of making that sort of thing interactive, and that's Telltale. With their first long-awaited episode now available on PS4, does it live up to the hit TV show?


6.0 Driveclub


According to Evolution Studios, Driveclub is the racing game that they've always wanted to create, and considering their previous success with the Motorstorm series, PlayStation fans were very excited. With its, what seems to be, ambitious approach to multiplayer racing, it seemed promising. In practice, however, Driveclub falls short of being anything other than your average racing game.


8.0 Metro Redux


Metro Redux is one in a long line of remasters released for new generation consoles, and it certainly won't be the last. While that might sound like a negative to those desperate for brand new experiences, Redux makes an effort to go above and beyond what other re-releases have done, offering new content and improved visuals on not one, but two already well-received games at a price that's difficult to ignore.


6.5 Infamous First Light


Infamous First Light puts you in the shoes of Abigail Walker, aka Fetch, one of, if not the most interesting characters from InFamous Second Son. It takes you through the events that led up to Fetch's role in the third game of the franchise, something largely unexplored in the base game's plot.


5.5 The Last Tinker City of Colors


There was a time when platformers were about the only type of game hitting the market. Spyro and Crash seemed to be the most talked about characters, and Mario 64 was a contender for the greatest game ever made. The genre peaked and, mixed with the dropping quality of long-time franchises, disappeared to almost nothing. The Last Tinker seems to try to recapture those glory days, but misses exactly what made the ...


10 The Last of Us: Remastered


The Last of Us: Remastered is another entry in Sony’s HD remaster collection – started back in 2009 with the God of War Collection. The only difference with developer Naughty Dog’s own take on HD re-releases is that The Last of Us is only a year old, and the first tangible re-release on Sony’s PlayStation 4.


8.5 Valiant Hearts


It seems like every week there is a new game that comes out that is set within the context of a war. Valiant Hearts takes an original look at war, not through combat but through the eyes of the people affected by it. Throughout the four chapters of the game, the affects of war are shown through characters without a gun in their hands.


8.0 PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate


By combining both previous PixelJunk Shooter games into one package and giving them a graphical facelift, Q-Games has combined two great games and made them even better. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate HD provides hours of fun and challenge. With Playstation Plus currently offering it for free, it won't lighten your wallet but it will give you hours of entertainment.


7.5 Octodad Dadliest Catch


As a cephalopod protagonist, Octodad Dadliest Catch is nothing if not original. Your flailing tentacles create charm and humor in spades. There is truly no other game like it. If it wasn't for a few maddening levels, I would want another order of this tasty calamari.


9.0 Transistor


With the release of Bastion in 2011, Supergiant games burst onto the gaming landscape. Bastion was critically acclaimed and was on several Game of the Year lists as well. Transistor is Supergiant's latest game, which has been three years in the making - and it was well worth the wait.


8.5 Wolfenstein The New Order


Wolfenstein The New Order is a surprising showcase of powerful, alternate history storytelling. This latest entry in the revered shooter series, which is credited by many for creating the genre, still contains the “classic” gunplay intact, for better or worse, while having its exceptional presentation at the center of attention. Developer MachineGames, which is made up of past Starbreeze Studios members well ...


9.0 Child of Light


When playing Child of Light, I felt a bit melancholic. Ubisoft Montreal’s own unique take on the RPG genre elicits a sense of somberness throughout its, roughly, 10-hour adventure. Though it doesn’t sport a complex or even original story, the way it is told is Child of Light’s best strength. By using the UbiArt engine that was created for Rayman Origins several years ago, Ubisoft Montreal is able to perfectly ...


6.5 Ground Zeroes Jamais Vu


If there was one complaint about Ground Zeroes, it was its size. Despite the fact that you could easily spend tens of hours exploring that little base off the coast of Cuba, it was quite samey and, ultimately, failed to hold all but the most dedicated of Metal Gear fans to its 100% completion.


8.5 Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn


Final Fantasy XIV was surprisingly announced in 2009, was released in 2010 to terrible reviews and was closed in 2012. There aren't many AAA titles that get to be classed as unmitigated disasters, but the latest Final Fantasy MMO fit the bill. Not content with writing it off, Square Enix began repairing things that fans had disliked, and in 2013 released Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn onto PlayStation 3 and ...


7.5 inFamous Second Son


When playing inFamous Second Son, I received a deluge of visual satisfaction. Sucker Punch’s third attempt at its superhero series is a great showcase of PlayStation 4’s technical prowess. Particle effects galore, a breathtakingly gorgeous open-world, and great facial animations make Second Son the best looking PS4 game by a mile. But for all of Sucker Punch’s technical advancements, the game’s storytelling ...


7.0 Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes


Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes has all the makings of a very good game. An interesting beginning that has you waiting for answers, gameplay that goes beyond what you expect and offers depth and choice, all with the kind of production value that big budget movies wish they could approach - that's Ground Zeroes, a checklist of what all interactive entertainment should strive to achieve. There's only one major ...


6.0 Thief


Thief, developed by Eidos Montreal, is a reboot of the beloved 90s first-person stealth series of the same name. Penned by Ken Levine, who would go on to create Bioshock, and forged by the now defunct Looking Glass Studios, 1999’s Thief: The Dark Project was the birth of the first-person stealth genre. It successfully introduced several innovative mechanics, like the clever use of light and sound as an integral ...


7.0 Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught


Infinity Ward have fixed a lot of the issues that plagued Ghosts at launch, but there's one thing they can't fix: the size and shape of the original multiplayer maps. They're too big, with too much going on. In trying to combat camping (by creating a "always open" feel wherever you go), they've made it ten times worse. That's why it's fantastic news that Onslaught - the new DLC pack, available on Sony platforms ...


7.5 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


The game nobody ever thought would be made: LEGO Marvel brings together almost every single noteworthy Marvel hero and places them into a world of blocks and building. Combining the likes of Spider-man and Captain America with the bright, colourful humour of the LEGO franchise was a genius move, and it hits almost all the right buttons.


8.5 Tomb Raider Definitive Edition


Tomb Raider Definitive Edition fails to offer any sort of substantial additions or changes from the original 2013 release. But its lack of deviation is slightly marred by the better looking next-gen versions of the game. Tomb Raider is still the same thrilling experience jam-packed with satisfying gameplay, fantastical set-pieces, gorgeous visuals, and a likeable main character. It is undoubtedly flawed, most ...


6.0 Knack


Knack perhaps got more attention that almost all the other PlayStation 4 launch titles put together. It was directed by PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny and is Sony's big non-shooter push for the launch window. Although there have been many things said about Knack - that it's "kiddy," too simple - it definitely has its good points. It's just a shame you'll see most of them in the first ten minutes.


9.0 Assassins Creed IV Black Flag


Yearly franchises rarely manage to surprise, but this year Assassin's Creed did just that. The franchise that originally had you climbing up rectangular buildings in the Middle East has now taken to the waves, adding ships, exploration and naval combat aplenty. It wasn't a change that happened over night, but Black Flag shows how far the franchise has come, and, as our view at the top our pirate ship attests, it ...


8.0 Fifa 14


The annual release of sport games for EA continues with the latest entry in the commercially successful Fifa franchise, Fifa 14. The sports title, developed by EA Canada, continues the series’ habit of providing solid, and addicting virtual soccer experiences that offer the closest thing to actually attending, or participating in a real live match. The franchise has ensconced itself pretty comfortably as the ...


8.0 Dont Starve Console Edition


Survival games don't generally tend to be about survival. They tend to be about avoiding pitfalls and dangerous enemies. That's largely because, let's face it, actual survival - the drinking pee, eating rats, building shelter sort of survival - just isn't fun in a video game. Except it is. Don't Starve proves that, done right, simply making it through a week on your own can be incredibly rewarding, and addictive.


7.0 Killzone Shadow Fall


Killzone is one of Sony's staple franchises, partly because of how fantastic they always look. The gameplay is always hit and miss, you'll either love it or hate it. The heavier weaponry, the harder-to-kill enemies - this isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield, and it never tries to be. Killzone: Shadow Fall is the latest in the series and one of the lead launch games on PlayStation 4. Can it hold the next generation ...


4.5 Putty Squad


There was a time, not so long ago, where the very height of video gaming was going from one side of a set of platforms to the other. There were variations on that, but they effectively tested your timing and muscle memory more than anything else. Putty Squad is from that era of games, and it feels like it. If you want one of your first next-gen experiences to be something ignored for almost two decades, look no ...


7.0 Call of Duty Ghosts


The biggest mistake people made concerning the Call of Duty franchise this year was in presuming that it would be "next-gen." Call of Duty is one of the biggest entertainment IPs in the world, they're not going to do anything that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can't handle. That's not to say that the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts isn't worth playing, or even upgrading to. You just have to expect ...


6.5 Contrast


From the press start screen, the first time you load Contrast, you'll instantly be taken to a place, a time, an atmosphere. The noir-esque art style and jazz era cabaret sparks a feeling that this game does so well throughout. It's odd, stylized, innocent, just like the characters you'll meet. In Contrast, the developers have created something that'll surprise and entertain. It's only when the music stops and ...


9.5 Resogun


There are people claiming that the PlayStation 4 launch was weak. Those people haven't played Resogun. With its fast pace, easy-to-pick-up gameplay, beautiful graphics and fantastic soundtrack, it's the surprise hit of the early part of this generation. While it might not alone convince anybody that it's worth investing in a brand new console, it'll definitely keep you busy for the time being.