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About Us

GamesReviews has grown from two simple goals: to review the games you want to play, and to review the games you should play. These tenants have made us the fastest growing games site of 2013, beating out all but the most established sites in less than two months.  From there, we’ve expanded our range of goals. We want to give you the most important news, we want to give you the most exciting interviews and more, right from a single portal.

Of course, that’s what every gaming site puts in their About Us section. What do we do differently?

Games Reviews Done Differently

Well, let’s start at the very foundation: we take our reviews very seriously. Our review guidelines are set in stone, and mean more than just “the feeling” we get at the end of the game. We’re not going to score low just because everybody else is, and that works the other way as well. Our current average is a little lower than many other sites, but on a game by game basis our reviews are perhaps a little fairer and always justified by the text.

We’re not just going to focus on the big AAA titles though. We’ll review as much as we humanly can, from the blockbusters like Call of Duty all the way down to the smaller titles, the addicting games that many other sites overlook. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to filter out the best titles from the entire industry, not just the games with the biggest marketing budgets.

We’ll also look back to the games of the past, and to other gaming-related media like art books, comics, action figures or hardware. And if there’s something else our readers want us to cover, all you need to do is let us know, and we’ll look into it. This is your portal.

That’s Just the Beginning…

Reviews are our main focus – hence the name – but it’s not the only thing we want to work on. We already bring you the most important news, often before anybody else, but as we grow we want to be faster, more accurate and less biased than other sources. We don’t want to have to rely on poorly worded headlines for our hits, and you’ll never see an opinion piece or a top ten list on this site. We want to build trust, we want to give you a reason to keep coming back. Whether that’s through our hilarious podcast or through the occasional flash game we’ll host, so be it. Either way, we’re willing to work for it.

We’re Not Breaking Boundaries

We can’t say we’re doing things that you can’t get anywhere else, because that’s not true. Our writers have years of games journalism experience, are dedicated gamers and are excellent at their jobs, but that’s probably the case at many of the sites you see. Our reviews are fair and unbiased, but you could probably get that elsewhere.

We’re not breaking boundaries, here. We’re not going to tell you that we’re 100% original and that there’s never been a site like us. That’s not true, and it’s not true on any other site either.

At GamesReviews we’re dedicated to doing things properly and professionally. Some might say that is original in today’s games journalism, but we just say you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions or if you have a game you think we’d be interesting in covering.