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I Bounced Off FF7: Ever Crisis In a Few Days

I was one of the first to download, but something about Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis just hasn’t clicked.  Some of you will know that I’m a Final Fantasy 7 superfan. This remake-but-not was seemingly made for me and me alone. And yet in translation to a gacha mobile game, it has lost some of its soul. The gang are all there, and they look great. And the story beats are pretty well represented too, even if you’re racing through…

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Nothing Will Stop Them, Not Even the Obstacles of this Dangerously Cute Puzzle Platformer (PC)

Have you ever been lost in a song so deeply that you’re transported into another world, a preferred nature spot, or just find peace within the colors and shapes of a painting? Faerie Afterlight has done this for me. Created by the developers, Clay Game Studios, this Indonesian influenced game, with lovely music, folk art and beautiful visuals transported me into what might be the coziest and most chill Metroidvania I have played since both Ori games. The Story You…

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More Playmobil 1.2.3 Featuring Winnie-the-Pooh!

A few years ago, we received some of Playmobil’s 1.2.3 lineup of toys. These toys were aimed at children ages 1 – 3, and our son had a blast using the small water park we received. The 1.2.3 sets tend to be a big chunkier than standard Playmobil, and include characters with less articulation and accessories. As they are toys aimed at young children, these are by no means negatives about the toys! In fact, the 1.2.3 lineup from Playmobil…

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First Impressions of Spellbook from Space Cowboys and Phil Walker-Harding

A few months ago I attended an expo in Toronto that was primarily for distributors to connect with stores for purchasing products. As a lone media member invited, I was given the same access as these stores received, even going behind the curtain to look at a few games. After looking at Disney Dixit I was given a brief look at an upcoming game called Spellbook. Honestly, while the presentation and the explanation of the game was top notch, the…

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Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) revealed the official soundtrack of EA SPORTS FC™ 24, defining a new era with the sounds of The World’s Game. The soundtrack features songs from a global list of artists, both beloved and upcoming, that will inspire players throughout EA SPORTS FC 24. Featuring over 100 artists from around the globe, with an unprecedented cross-section of genres, the far-reaching track list showcases a range of global hitmakers, from Major Lazer to The Blessed Madonna …

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BLACKLYTE Soft Launch Now, Desks and Chairs for Gamers.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where technology meets lifestyle, as Blacklyte brilliantly combines the realms of work and play like never before. Their vision is to empower you with a lifestyle that’s not just smart, but truly extraordinary!  Experience illuminated living and elevate your day-to-day with Blacklyte’s cutting-edge products, including the new Atlas Gaming Desk and Ares and Athena Chairs – all ingeniously designed with groundbreaking technology and innovative features that enable customers to personalize their space…

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Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth Looks Like A Technical Triumph

,I’ve made no secret about my love for Final Fantasy VII. The remake was a long-awaited treasure, and this week’s trailer for its sequel, Rebirth, made me pre-order immediately. It will be a masterpiece. And while I’m mostly saying that as an excited fan, it’s undeniable that the trailer showed a game that I didn’t think was possible. The scope and scale of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is something far in excess of what I expected. Suddenly the “coming on…

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The Great Unity Meltdown

Game engines aren’t supposed to cause major problems for their users. Usually when they do, it’s accidental. This week Unity bucked that trend. And while there is no shortage of column space around this very issue, it’s worth another look. It could very easily impact on the way we all play our games old and new. So as a quick recap: Unity decided to change their deal with developers. They would charge a set fee of $0.20 for every download…

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Robot Quest Arena Unboxing

A few months ago, I remember seeing the Kickstarter campaign for Robot Quest Arena, and as much as I wanted to back the project, I was swamped in board game work already and wasn't sure I would find time to get it onto the table after it arrived. The Kickstarter finally delivered this month, and when I saw it was an option for us to review, I reached out hopeful that we could take this game for a spin after all. Although this isn't an impression article or a review, I can tell you after a few plays that I'm disappointed I didn't pull the trigger on the Kickstarter version, which comes with a LOT more content in the box. To that end, join me as I unbox the Retail Version of Robot Quest Arena.

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Tons of New Star Wars: Shatterpoint Content Coming from Atomic Mass Games

On Friday, Atomic Mass Games dropped a ton of news about new content coming to Star Wars Shatterpoint during a livestream. There was a lot to digest, and while we won’t break down absolutely everything that was shown off in written details, here is a picture gallery for you to enjoy, as well as some of my comments!