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blank News 10 months ago

I Bounced Off FF7: Ever Crisis In a Few Days

I was one of the first to download, but something about Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis just hasn’t clicked.  Some of you will know that I’m a Final Fantasy 7 superfan. This remake-but-not was seemingly made for me and me alone. And yet in translation to a gacha mobile game, it has lost some of its soul. The gang are all there, and they look great. And the story beats are pretty well represented too, even if you’re racing through…

blank Articles 1 year ago

The iPhone Gives Gamers the Experience They Want

My wife has never played a lot of video games. But every night she settles in with her iPhone for a few minutes and announces it is officially “Toy Blast” time. We all know not to bother her as she tries to advance a few more levels. By last count, she was close to level 8,000. The iPhone is one of the greatest inventions of our time. It helps us work, helps us communicate, and it lets us play what…

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Why Are Mobile Games So Popular?

Once, it was only possible to play games on a large computer. It needed a lot of space and plenty of equipment to make the gaming setup one that could work well. Today, although these larger setups are still popular and can often be found in gamers’ homes, mobile games are becoming more and more popular. They might not take over from the traditional way of gaming on a PC or console, but they are definitely competing well. Mobile games…

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Farming Simulator 23: First Gameplay Video Revealed

Farming fun everywhere: GIANTS Software premieres the first gameplay trailer for Farming Simulator 23. The new gameplay footage shows many different features and improvements of the game, which will be released on May 23rd on Nintendo Switch™. Farming Simulator 23 sets the new benchmark for farming mobile games in the genre-leading, globally successful Farming Simulator brand, invented by publisher and developer GIANTS Software 15 years ago. Seeding an Agricultural Empire More than three years after the predecessor Farming Simulator 20,…

blank Articles, News 1 year ago

Microsoft’s Mobile Store Is a Hard Sell

There’s only one thing you can say for certain about the current mobile phone gaming market: the stores are pretty locked in. It’s Google Play or it’s Apple’s App Store. Microsoft’s plans for a third alternative is going to have an uphill struggle. This has slowly been coming out over the course of the company’s purchase of Activision. One of the big reasons for the purchase – on top of Call of Duty and hundreds of other Game Pass friendly…

blank Articles 2 years ago

The Walking Dead – Ten Years On

It was ten years ago that the first series of Telltale’s The Walking Dead changed how we think about those kinds of video games. And maybe all video games. Two seasons into the TV series, fans found a new way of looking at the fictional Walker-fied universe – but it didn’t stop there. Thanks to being available on every single device in existence, as well as the episodic format, it quickly spread to a more casual audience. It wasn’t the…

blank Articles 2 years ago

Pokémon Presents Announced for August 3rd

A brand new Pokémon Presents has been announced for this Wednesday, August 3rd. A new Pokémon Presents has been announced for August 3rd, 2022. It will air at 8am central. The video will provide updates about apps and video games. Yes, Pokémon Scarlet/Violet will be part of the show! Whats really interesting here is that they say video games, as in more than one. Maybe we’re reading into this a bit, but could that mean a new Pokémon game will…

blank Articles 2 years ago

Diablo Immortal’s Huge Success Isn’t a Threat

Diablo Immortal passed more than $100,000,000 in revenue in just eight weeks since it launched. That has caused some panic in the community. Rightly so, I guess. When a popular hardcore IP launches on mobile it’s always cause for concern. Remember when EA revived a bunch of beloved franchises like Dungeon Keeper for mobile and completely messed it up? Unfortunately, yes. we remember that. But the issue there is more about chasing what’s immediately popular. It isn’t necessarily about retooling…

blank Articles 2 years ago

Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2022 (video)

Today, there was a Pokémon Presents video! Its Pokémon Day! Check out the video below and then come back for some thoughts on it. Happy Pokémon Day! Today’s Pokémon Presents video didn’t seem great at first. There were a lot of updates to the mobile/Switch spinoffs and then a small update for Brillant Diamond/Shining Pearl and a slightly bigger update for Pokémon Arceus. It seemed pretty disappointing… And then! A live action trailer started. I admit I thought it was…

blank Articles, News 3 years ago

My Time at Portia Mobile Port a Welcome Addition

As we reported earlier this year, My Time at Portia - the fantastic farming and life simulation game - was heading to mobile after having a very successful run on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam. We've been playing with the mobile build for well over a week now, and while we obviously haven't made it through everything the game has to offer, we have played our fair share and can easily tell you how this game ports over to Android and iOS.