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Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2022 (video)

blank Today, there was a Pokémon Presents video! Its Pokémon Day! Check out the video below and then come back for some thoughts on it. Happy Pokémon Day! Today’s Pokémon Presents video didn’t seem great at first. There were a lot of updates to the mobile/Switch spinoffs and then a small update for Brillant Diamond/Shining Pearl and a slightly bigger update for Pokémon Arceus. It seemed pretty disappointing… And then! A live action trailer started. I admit I thought it was…


My Time at Portia Mobile Port a Welcome Addition

blank As we reported earlier this year, My Time at Portia - the fantastic farming and life simulation game - was heading to mobile after having a very successful run on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam. We've been playing with the mobile build for well over a week now, and while we obviously haven't made it through everything the game has to offer, we have played our fair share and can easily tell you how this game ports over to Android and iOS.


Nintendo and Fujifilm Collaborate on Smartphone Printer and App

blank Do you remember the Gameboy Printer? No? Well, thats okay. Nintendo has announced a new printer (and smartphone app) for smartphones! Nintendo and Fujifilm are collaborating on a new Smartphone printer and app. Here are the details from a press release: “Mississauga, ON, April 22, 2021 – FUJIFILM Corporation in collaboration with Nintendo Co., Ltd. is revolutionizing how gamers can share their game play, featuring the introduction of the INSTAX Mini Link® for Nintendo Switch ...


Google Stadia Continues to Chug Along

Google Gadget 6 It's been a little bit now since Google shuttered their internal Stadia studios and opted to create partnerships with 3rd parties instead, and while many saw this as the beginning of the end for Google's cloud gaming platform, the company continues to support their product through fantastic 3rd party partnerships! So what does the future for Google Stadia look like, when you compare it with other services like XCloud?


Animal Crossing Fans! Keep An Eye Out For Cozy Grove

blank Cozy Grove will be coming out on April 8th for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and iOS. We talked about the game before but after reading a recent article by Gamasutra, we figured it was time to talk about the game again. What new things do we learn about the game and what does our Animal Crossing obsessed writer Daniel Fugate have to say about it? Cozy Grove is another game, like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons or…


FIFA 21 a Perfect Fit for Google Stadia

blank While Google Stadia has been getting a lot of bad press lately - not all of it accurate and fair mind you - there are still many folks around the world who absolutely love the ability to play their games whenever, wherever. I'm part of that group. Through a great relationship with Google, we have had the opportunity to review these titles on a fairly consistent basis, and FIFA 21 might be one of my favourites.


Say No! More Will Give You the Ultimate Power Of No in April

blank Are you tried of…doing things at work? Do you just feel like telling people No!? Well, we have a video game for you. Say No! More will be releasing in April and will give you the ultimate power to just saying No (and blowing people away. literally). Say No! More will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac, iPadOS and iOS on April 9th. In this game you play as an office worker who…well…basically they’ve had enough. They’ve…


Titan Quest on Mobile is the Ultimate Experience

blank I've played Titan Quest a lot lately - on PC, on Xbox One, on the Nintendo Switch, and lately, on my Google Pixel 5G. While the game has slightly improved with each play through, the biggest leap in quality and playability actually comes with the mobile release, which is something I wasn't expecting. While it's still on a perfect experience - as you cannot change the games problems simply by moving it to a new system - the portability of the mobile version makes this an easy recommendation ...


Press Release: Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is Now Available on iOS and Android

blank Draw your swords, sharpen your axes, don your armor, and ready your shields! Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is available on mobile devices now!


Google Stadia Celebrates 1 Years with Updates and Info

Google Gadget 6 It's been just over a year since Google Stadia launched, and despite there being hundreds and thousands of vocal critics, those that have actually tried and used the system are very impressed. Our team at GamesReviews falls into that category. With a year in the rearview mirror, Google is providing some updates on what to expect going forward for Google Stadia!