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Great Farming / Craft Simulation Games this Holiday Season

blank There have been a number of fantastic farming simulation and crafting games published this year across all consoles, and we've rounded up a few of our favourites! Check out our top picks for this holiday season for games that will have you farming, crafting, and even defeating enemies on the open field!


Can Grow: Song of the Evertree Overcome a Slow Start – Yes it Can

blank With limited time to play and review games, there are a number of things that can make me put down a review build of a title and walk away. One of those things is when a game just cannot seem to get out of it's own way and let! And that was almost the case with Grow: Song of the Evertree, and if it wasn't for my love of these style of games - Hello Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons! - I probably would have quit within the first 2 hours. Fortunately for me, I didn't!


Before We Leave Handles City Building with Ease on Xbox Series X

blank Before We Leave, a fun and deep city builder from Team 17 lands on Xbox today, and I have been playing it for the better part of a week. And I'll admit off the top that I was really skeptical of how this game would run on console. When it comes to strategy games on console, only two have really worked in my opinion: Planet Coaster (which I played on the PlayStation 5), and Two Point Hospital (which I played on Nintendo Switch). So the question became - could I find a equally fun experience ...


The GTA Trilogy Shows Publishers Are Too Cocky

blank When I wrote that the GTA Trilogy collection had best be good, because even Rockstar only gets one chance to majorly screw up, I worried I might be being overly sensitive. This is Rockstar we’re talking about, they’re not going to release a game that has the lowest Metacritic user score of all time. Yes, Grand Theft Auto 6 will now only sell 100 million copies instead of 155 million. Or, more likely, we’ll all be taken in by the…


Halo Infinite – First Impressions

blank At long last, Microsoft’s long-awaited Xbox Series launch title is here. Halo Infinite is a year late and, in fact, arriving after Forza Horizon 5 and Psychonauts 2, but better late than never. And, actually, it has been a long time since Halo has felt this good. The multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite was shadowdropped during the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations on Monday. Technically still a beta, it is the full release in every way except name. You can get…


Airborne Kingdom is a City Building Gem

blank When it comes to city builders on consoles, the results are generally poor. Even if the game is rock solid, the controls don't often translate well to controllers. These are games primarily built for a mouse and keyboard. Yet somehow Airborne Kingdom deals with those issues with ease, and provides a fantastic experience that is a must play for any city building fan.


Xbox adds 70+titles to backwards compatibility

blank As part of their 20th anniversary celebration Microsoft announced the following, just when you thought they literally had everything on backwards compatibility.   At Xbox, we believe in celebrating gaming and preserving its legacy. No other art form offers the opportunity to be immersed in expansive universes through the combination of stunning visuals, evocative music, emotion-driven storytelling and interactive, living worlds. Since 2015, the backward compatibility program for Xbox ...


Xbox Celebrates 20 Years

blank Today is the day that the Xbox brand celebrates 20 years. It's a fantastic milestone for a company who has experienced many ups and downs. The highs of the Xbox 360, the lows of the Xbox One, and the mind boggling success of Xbox Game Pass have all shaped the company many of us know and love. And it's their birthday.


SteamWorld Headhunter Revealed

blank A new SteamWorld game was revealed at Thunderful Games digital event today! We have the details below. SteamWorld Headhunter was revealed during Thunderful Games digital event, Thunderful World, today. In a press release we received it was described as “a stylised and colourful, third-person co-op action adventure with a head-popping twist.” It will be keeping “the style and charm that’s helped make SteamWorld such a beloved franchise” while taking the franchise into ...


Forza Horizons 5 Reminds Me How Good Game Pass Is

blank The launch of Forza Horizon 5 has once again solidified with me how it is without a doubt the best online subscription service for video games. Not only is Microsoft providing us with a ton of new games month-to-month, but are still releasing ALL first party titles on the service. On day one. Outstanding.