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PS4 Game Reviews

8.0 Everybody’s Golf


We take a look at Everybody's Golf on the Playstation 4, a title with many highlights and a few ugly moments, but that will ultimately make you smile as you play golf in the most unprofessional way possible!


9.0 Uncharted The Lost Legacy


Although I would never recommend someone play Uncharted The Lost Legacy before playing the other titles in the series, part of me loves the short nature of this experience that might be more digestible for those intrigued by the series and looking to play for the first time, while also looking for a sub 10 hour experience as opposed to a 20+ hour slog. Regardless, no matter which way you approach this title, you ...


8.5 Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronic...


Harvest Moon type games have an instant attraction to so many gamers because of the laid back nature of their game play mechanics. Generally, games like Harvest Moon are relaxing titles, a great way to rid yourself of stress at the end of a long day. Generally, these games rarely ever have an adventure or story component too them, which makes them fairly one-dimensional. Enter Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ...


9.0 MLB The Show 17


I'm not a huge baseball fan to be sure, but ever since my local Toronto Blue Jays have decided to be good, I've paid more attention to them, and the sport, than ever before. With a slight appreciation for baseball - the lesser of the main sports in my opinion - I knew the next step was giving the ultimate baseball video game a go. With that, I jumped into MLB The Show 17 fully expecting to be in way over my ...


9.5 Horizon Zero Dawn


New game IPs and new franchises are always exciting, but understandably terrifying at the same time. There is so much that could go wrong with new ideas, characters, and game play mechanics, but at the same time, so many possibilities to create something new in a marketplace of spin offs and copy cats.


8.0 Tales of Berseria


When compared to the Xbox One, the PS4 in my home gets very little use. Outside of a few great exlcusives such as the Uncharted Series, having a PS4 in my house doesn't serve much more of a purpose. That is, except for one series that I have been a fan of since the PS2 - The Tales Of series.


7.5 The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian on Playstation 4 will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, something not easily done in today's video game marketplace. Through a touching story, you will see the backstory of our heroic protagonist, and his animal friend, Trico. Even during the most frustrating of circumstances, I moved ahead with my adventure to find out more. Despite all the lows, The Last Guardian still comes out on top ...


6.0 No Man’s Sky


Nothing on the PS4 has been as hyped as No Man's Sky; ok fine, a few things have been - Uncharted 4 anyone - but for the most part, No Man's Sky has been one of the most anticipated games of 2014...2015, and hell, even 2016. Had I quit playing after the first few hours I probably would have scored this a fairly strong 8, but after logging nearly 30 hours, I'm starting to realize I'm playing something that's more ...


7.5 Ziggurat


Dungeon crawling titles are becoming a weekly occurrence across PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, and unfortunately we get more shovel ware than actual quality titles. So when something comes around that deserves to be raved about, we think it necessary to inform our readers of it. Ziggurat is that title. While there are a few things that we would have liked to see different, the game as a whole is a wonderful, ...


10 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


The Uncharted series is a Playstation staple, and Naughty Dog has been producing quality titles for the system for a long time. While Uncharted 2 was often the undisputed best title - ahead of Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 1 - Uncharted 4 topples them all and concludes the epic saga in a beautiful and appropriate way.


8.0 Stories: Path of Destinies


Our review of Stories: The Path of Destinies should be up in a few days, but it is important to look at what the game attempts to do, which other should try to emulate in the future. Choices in games does not have to be an either/or decision that will stick until the game ends. That's fun, but it has been over done in the various episodic games we are now getting. Someone, Stories seems to do something different ...


8.0 Alienation


Look! Aliens are invading earth again and it is up to you to defeat them! Have you heard that before? I'm sure you have, because so many games that use aliens as the force to be conquered follow this cliched and somewhat boring story arch. However, somehow Alienation - from Finnish developer Housemarque - follows this same story line but manages to be fun, and somewhat different in the process.


9.0 Ratchet & Clank


Insomniac has created some interesting, beautiful, and down right wacky games over the past 15 plus years, but the company will always be most well known for their Ratchet & Clank series. The series itself has evolved in a positive way over time, with each new game building upon the last. With the release of Ratchet & Clank in April, Insomniac did something that no other company who is re-introducing old games ...


9.0 Layers of Fear


ayers of Fear (a perfect pun of a title) invites players to see the world through the mind of a talented but tormented painter as he navigates his abandoned house and his own guilty conscience. The game, published by Aspyr and developed by Bloober Team SA, has been listed on Steam as an early access game for some time, but in February was fully released to the public both on PC and console. So far the game has ...


9.0 Until Dawn


Over the course of the history of gaming, game designers have allowed players minimal to no choices regarding how the storyline of their game ends. Perhaps they might give the player a chance to decide to spare or kill an enemy NPC or let them pick their party members – but never decisions big enough to feel important. With the emergence of games like the Telltale Series, players are getting more and more power ...


9.0 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


At the very start of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a message sprawls across the screen informing the player that this game does not hold your hand and that through atmospheric exploration you will discover the truth. This statement could not be more true, and only moments into gameplay it is clear that you are on your own. With nearly open world investigation and a subtle storyline that does not force the ...


6.0 ArcaniA: The Complete Tale


At a time when fantasy RPG games are dominating the gaming world, smaller games struggle to compete with huge names like Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls to create innovative and beautiful worlds for their heroes to explore. Games like this must continue to be made so that the category is not solely ruled by large franchises; new ideas and creations can be born out of this diversity. One good example is the very fun ...


6.5 Resident Evil Revelations 2


Resident Evil is no longer the game it was twenty years ago and with good reason. Revelations 2 takes a step back towards horror while keeping a lot of what made the newer games fun, but the co-op is at the least disappointing.


7.0 Dead or Alive 5 Last Round


Koei are perhaps the only developer to have massively embraced the idea of porting their games to next-gen consoles en masse. Dynasty Warriors 8, Samurai Warriors 4, Warriors Orochi 3 and now Dead or Alive 5 have all made the leap with mostly positive results. Mostly positive, because although there's nothing specifically wrong with the shiny, new versions of these games, there's no exactly a whole lot of ...


8.0 Game of Thrones: Episode 2 –...


The second episode of Telltale's take on Game of Thrones feels a little too much like a second beginning, but shows that things are soon going to start heating up. Despite more appearances from HBO's incredible cast, it's the developing stories of its original characters that hold your attention this time around.


7.0 Grim Fandango Remastered


Grim Fandango is one of the classic adventure games. That's why it deserved more than this lazy remaster.


7.0 Game of Thrones Episode One


HBO's Game of Thrones is what a character drama should be: tense interpersonal relationships, heartwrenching twists and a man that inexplicably can only say his name over and over again. There's only one developer capable of making that sort of thing interactive, and that's Telltale. With their first long-awaited episode now available on PS4, does it live up to the hit TV show?


6.0 Driveclub


According to Evolution Studios, Driveclub is the racing game that they've always wanted to create, and considering their previous success with the Motorstorm series, PlayStation fans were very excited. With its, what seems to be, ambitious approach to multiplayer racing, it seemed promising. In practice, however, Driveclub falls short of being anything other than your average racing game.


8.0 Metro Redux


Metro Redux is one in a long line of remasters released for new generation consoles, and it certainly won't be the last. While that might sound like a negative to those desperate for brand new experiences, Redux makes an effort to go above and beyond what other re-releases have done, offering new content and improved visuals on not one, but two already well-received games at a price that's difficult to ignore.


6.5 Infamous First Light


Infamous First Light puts you in the shoes of Abigail Walker, aka Fetch, one of, if not the most interesting characters from InFamous Second Son. It takes you through the events that led up to Fetch's role in the third game of the franchise, something largely unexplored in the base game's plot.


5.5 The Last Tinker City of Colors


There was a time when platformers were about the only type of game hitting the market. Spyro and Crash seemed to be the most talked about characters, and Mario 64 was a contender for the greatest game ever made. The genre peaked and, mixed with the dropping quality of long-time franchises, disappeared to almost nothing. The Last Tinker seems to try to recapture those glory days, but misses exactly what made the ...


10 The Last of Us: Remastered


The Last of Us: Remastered is another entry in Sony’s HD remaster collection – started back in 2009 with the God of War Collection. The only difference with developer Naughty Dog’s own take on HD re-releases is that The Last of Us is only a year old, and the first tangible re-release on Sony’s PlayStation 4.


8.5 Valiant Hearts


It seems like every week there is a new game that comes out that is set within the context of a war. Valiant Hearts takes an original look at war, not through combat but through the eyes of the people affected by it. Throughout the four chapters of the game, the affects of war are shown through characters without a gun in their hands.


8.0 PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate


By combining both previous PixelJunk Shooter games into one package and giving them a graphical facelift, Q-Games has combined two great games and made them even better. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate HD provides hours of fun and challenge. With Playstation Plus currently offering it for free, it won't lighten your wallet but it will give you hours of entertainment.


7.5 Octodad Dadliest Catch


As a cephalopod protagonist, Octodad Dadliest Catch is nothing if not original. Your flailing tentacles create charm and humor in spades. There is truly no other game like it. If it wasn't for a few maddening levels, I would want another order of this tasty calamari.