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Pixel Tablet


My wife and I have been loving Google products for the last half decade, and have owned most Google home products that were released. We’ve looked at and still love our Google Nest Hub Max, our Google Home devices (wince discontinued), wifi setup and more. Google has had tablets in the past, and most have failed in comparison to the giant of the industry, the Apple iPad. With the brand new Pixel Tablet, Google ...


Google Pixel 7a


The a-series of the Pixel phone line-up has finally landed around the world, and those who enjoy many premium Google phone features at a discounted price are going to be very excited. This year, Google has opted for even less disparity between the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7a, and with only (MSRP) $200.00 separating the two at retail in Canada, I wondered which provided the better value. Let’s dive ...


8.5 Alcatel 1B


The Alcatel 1B aims to provide the essential smartphone experience at a fraction of the cost. It runs Android 10 Go edition, which is intended to use less RAM than the full operating system - a key requirement when budgeting a smartphone device at $100. While nobody should expect top-tier performance from a budget device, there must conversely exist enough function on these more affordable devices for them to ...


4.5 Harvest Moon: Mad Dash


What do you get when you take Harvest Moon, take out all the RPG elements, add some really simple puzzles and then charge £17 for it? Well, you get Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, and you might well wish you hadn’t. Here is a game that’s almost entirely the opposite of what Harvest Moon is all about, but with the name splashed all over it and the familiar sprites front and centre. It’ll almost make ...


9.0 Google Pixel 4 XL


We just received our review unit from Google Canada on Monday, but have had plenty of time to mess around with Google’s new flagship phone, the Google Pixel 4 XL. Our time so far has been limited, nevertheless we feel comfortable knocking out our initial thoughts now. Although we have scored this review, please check back next week as we put a stamp on our experience, and make any changes (if necessary).


8.5 BlackBerry KEY 2 LE


The BlackBerry KEY 2 LE takes the greatest features of the BlackBerry KEY 2 and give it to consumers at a cheaper price. Moving from the 'mack daddy' version down to the little brother was something I was worried about doing, but after using the KEY 2 LE for over a month now, the features I thought I was missing from the regular version didn't seem that important. So while this review might read as a "what the ...


Fantasy Mission Force Slot


This here is a brand new slot game released by the game provider Realtime Gaming called “Fantasy Mission Force” that has actually been themed after the cult movie set in World War II and that was very popular back in 1983 starring Jackie Chan and Adam Cheng. This slot game tracks a small group of troublemakers who are out on a rescue mission to save four Allied Generals that were trapped by Japanese forces and ...


9.0 BlackBerry KEY2 Hitting Most of t...


We've had the privilege of using the BlackBerry KEY2 for a few weeks now, and from our early impressions, things are looking pretty good for the companies latest phone. Based on feedback from users who owned the BlackBerry KeyOne, the company has made the necessary changes to make this one of the best BlackBerry devices ever to release. Let's dive into a few of the features we really like, and stay tuned for a ...


8.0 Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2


It’s not often you will find depth in an online casino game, but as the online marketplace for casino games gets more saturated, more and more companies will look to add a little something extra to their online casino websites. Enter IGT’s Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2, the game with multiple winning options, and more depth than your average online slot machine game. Whether you play for free or ...


8.0 Robocop Slot Game


The summer of 2017 turned out to be quite exciting for science fiction loving slots enthusiast who were treated with a proper gem of a game brewed by the world’s leading omni-channel online gaming software provider Playtech.


7.5 Blackjack!


Casino games on mobile are becoming increasingly more popular as younger people are looking for a cheaper - no real money is won or lost here, although there are micro transactions - alternative to the casino. As people are constantly on the go now a days, having a casino game they can take with them is incredibly important. Finding the best application, however, can be difficult, so it is important to know ...


Rivers Casino App P


It's difficult to pick a casino app to gamble on. People who use these things want the very best, because they're going to use them a lot, and because they'll want something that emulates the true casino experience as best as possible.


9.0 Fallout Shelter


Fallout Shelter is… wait a minute, I just need to collect these resources. There we go. As I was saying, this free-to-play game is… hang on, I need to deal with these raiders. Phew. Right, let me turn my phone off or I’ll never get anything done.


7.5 Solar 2


Solar 2 is an indie game by Jay Watts where the you control a celestial body through the massive void of space, colliding and absorbing other smaller objects in order to get bigger. Simple enough, right? The game is like Flow meets Spore meets basic physics. Your key objective is to make it through the life cycle of a planet/star while avoiding larger objects or black holes.


7.5 888 Casino App


Although not quite as well designed as it should be, 888 Casino offers a range of games within a low-weight app, all of which offer free and paid options. For those looking for a new Casino app this one is defiantly worth a try.


7.5 Mobile App


It's difficult to stand out on when it comes to gambling online. There are so many companies that choosing who to trust you money to can be a gamble in itself. When it comes from though, you know that you're dealing with a company that has been around quite a while, and has things like 24/7 support to put your mind at rest. In this case, it comes down to design and ease of use of the app, both things ...


6.0 Micromon


You get a lot of copycat app games out there and most of them are lazy garbage. Now we have Micromon, a clone of Pokémon, which in all honesty is probably one of the better “influenced by” games out there. While there’s nothing even remotely original about it, I will give it credit for trying really hard to live up to the lofty quality of its originator.


6.5 Crazy Taxi: City Rush


Everyone in Bay City is in a hurry. There is something to do and somewhere to go at all times, and they won’t let anyone slow them down. In a fast-paced city like that, taxi cabs are a booming business looking for talented and fearless new drivers to step up and build clientèle - that’s where you come in


6.5 FCB Pinball


Zen Pinball has paved the way for what pinball should feel like on your phone or tablet; they have set the bar for what good pinball is. Legendo Entertainment has their own Pinball client, but chose to release a standalone project: FCB Pinball, the official pinball app of the Barcelona Football Club.


6.5 Warfare Nations


Free-to-play titles are always difficult to review. Should they be reviewed without using in app purchases, or does a little money need to be spent to truly understand the game? Personally, I have my own way of doing reviews for these types of games. It is a simple formula, really. If the game lasts for more then a few days on my iPad, it's probably decent. If I play it more than a week, it's an excellent game. ...


6.0 Bubble Blaze


Bubble Blaze is a (very) casual game for Android and IOS devices. The game offers not much in ways of innovation but seems to rely on its cute art style and simple but fun game mechanic.


8.5 Wayward Souls


Wayward Souls - the latest offering from Rocketcat Games, the minds behind Punch Quest - is the latest of this genre revival, following in the wake of other recent mobile and PC entries like FTL or Rogue Legacy. Players control one of six different character classes (three of which are locked from the start) as they fight through three increasingly difficult, procedurally-generated dungeons, casting spells and ...


3.5 Family Guy The Quest for Stuff


So it's come to this. The Simpsons Tapped Out was a huge hit, and Fox have decided to double dip, bringing the idea to another of their hit animated shows. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff begins when Peter Griffin, hopeless sap and generally terrible person, accidentally burns down the city of Quahog while fighting with a giant chicken. It's up to you to rebuild it, but not without helping Bonnie dance on a ...


9.0 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors


Usually the story in a video game uses the same techniques found in other mediums. Epic adventures that have clear beginnings and ends. No matter what sort of free-roaming choices there might be along the way, games tend to follow a linear series of events that lead the protagonist to The End.


2.0 Dungeon Keeper


What happens when you take a beloved cult series and bastardize it until it suits mass appeal? What happens when you add just enough reference to the original series that fans are interested enough to check it out, so interested that some might even open their wallet to see what surprises are hiding behind a paywall? These are no longer questions that need answering: in releasing Dungeon Keeper for iOS, EA have ...


5.5 World of Cheese


Mice like cheese and anybody who's seen an episode of Tom and Jerry knows the lengths they'll go to get some. They don't mind disfiguring cats, using the dark arts, blackmailing relatives... so long as their bellies are full at the end of a long day, they odn't mind who they have to step on to get at them. World of Cheese is a puzzle game, spliced with a lot of hidden object for good measure. The only objective: ...


7.0 Excalibur


Excalibur is a 2D mobile action MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online game) developed by R2Games for iOS and Android devices. The game allows player to choose from 3 unique character classes and send them on a medieval adventure alone or with friends, battling Knights, Goblins and Dragons in order to retrieve the legendary sword of heroes, Excalibur.


7.5 Icycle On Thin Ice


Dennis is having a bit of a bad day. The world has been frozen over, he's all alone, he has nothing but a creaky bicycle to make his way through the frozen hellscape and, on top of all that, some video game player keeps dressing him up in silly clothes. Dennis is the unfortunate fellow who stars in Icycle: On Thin Ice, and over the course of the game he will be crushed, impaled, exploded, and forced to suffer ...


7.5 EPOCH 2


There's a problem with iOS sequels: the phrase "more of the same thing" would be an understatement in describing the 'changes' most games make before attaching a numeral. There are a few bright spots here and there (Fieldrunners 2, Infinity Blade 2, Mikey Hooks), but for the most part, new gameplay mechanics, modes, and improvements (other than graphical) are few and far between. Unfortunately, EPOCH 2 isn't one ...


7.0 Garfield Kart


Karting games, once only really the dominion of Mario and friends, are starting to get better. If you were going to make a racing game for your franchise, the chances were that it'd end up more South Park and less Crash Bandicoot. But as time has gone by, racing tie-ins have generally got better. Sonic's All Star outings are the perfect example of that.