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Wii U Game Reviews

9.0 RPGolf Legends


Do you like Golf? Do you wish there was a game that has a golf story with some Fantasy world RPG elements in it? If you answer yes to this then RPGolf Legends is your answer.


8.5 Xenoblade Chronicles X


With the upcoming launch of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch, we thought we would re-share some of our old Xenoblade Chronicles reviews, starting with Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Nintendo Wii U! If you haven't played this game, and have access to a Wii U, it's a fantastic experience!


6.5 Revenant Saga


Revenant Saga is rpg developer KEMCO's newest game for the Wii U. I played this game and now I can tell you all about it! Is Revenant Saga a good rpg?


6.5 Animal Gods


Wii U indie games are starting to become a rare thing. Whenever a new Wii U game comes out, I find myself smiling and hoping that its a good game. Anmal Gods for Wii U came out last week. I have been playing it for review and I'm finally ready to share with what I thought of the game.


8.5 Back to Bed


One of the best things about Indies is that they are not afraid of being weird. Indies generally take more chances than third party developers and create games that are unique and interesting. Not all of these unique and interesting games are good, but I love how Indies are willing to experiment. Take, for instance, Back to Bed for Wii U. You would not see a third party, maybe not even a first party developer, ...


8.0 Plantera


If Harvest Moon and a cute 2D tower defense game had a love child, it might look like Plantera for the Wii U and 3DS eshops. Build a garden, add animals, and defend that garden like crazy from outside threats! Plantera sounds like it might be a good game for simulation and tower defense fans…but is it? The Wii U and 3DS versions of Plantera have some differences but the basic gameplay is the same between ...


2.0 Star Splash: Shattered Star


As we near the end of the Wii U's life, we would hope that any Indie games still coming to eshop would be good. Star Splash: Shattered Star is a brand new game for the Wii U. Is this game any good or is it a Wii U game to avoid?


8.5 Radiantflux: Hyperfractal


Radiantflux: Hyperfractal for Wii U isn't your typical game. It does contain some typical games, but as a whole package, Radiantflux is very odd. Is this a good odd game or a bad odd game? Please read my review to find out what I thought.


8.0 Scribble


” What is that? ” “Its supposed to be a cat ok! ” If you’ve ever had this converstation about one of your drawings, boy do I have a game for you. Scribble, out now for the Wii U eshop, is a party game where you draw something based on a word you can only see and then your friends have to guess what the picture is! Sound like a good game to you? If so, you should check out…


7.0 Octocopter: Super Sub Squid Escap...


An octopus and a submarine get stuck together and what happens next may surprise you! The Octopus and the sub work together to get through many mazes and some epic boss fights too. The game is called Octocopter: Super Sub Squid Escape and its out now for the Wii U. Here is my review!


7.0 Swap Fire


Swap Fire, for the Wii U eshop, isn't your typical first person shooter. When you shoot at someone in Swap Fire, you switch places with that person! Swap Fire is a first person shooter with a small puzzle game element. Its a very unique and interesting concept. But is it a good game?


6.5 Dungeon Hearts DX


I love puzzle games. I love strategy games. So any game that decides to blend those two video game genre together has my attention! Enter Dungeons Hearts DX for the Wii U. This game is part puzzle game, part strategy game, with a bit of rhythm thrown in. It sounds like Dungeon Hearts DX is a very interesting game...but is it?


10 Paper Mario: Color Splash


If you’ve read my Paper Mario: Color Splash review-in-progress articles, then you know I like the game a lot. But if you haven’t read those articles or if you just want my complete opinion on the game in one handy space, then please read my full review of Color Splash. Why do I like this game so much? Why do I think it’s the best Paper Mario game so far? Paper Mario: Color Splash has an absolutely wonderful ...


9.5 Jotun: Valhalla Edition


Norse Mythology has gotten a lot of attention in movies, video games, comics, and books. You can barely escape Norse mythology! So a new game with this well-trodden mythology isn’t much of a surprise. However, just because its not surprising doesn’t make it bad. Jotun: Valhalla Edition is full of Norse Mythology and it is now on the Wii U eshop. Is the game any good? Read on to find out!


9.0 3Souls Episode 1: Nelesa


I’m always disappointed when a Wii U game doesn’t use the gamepad much. We’ve seen a lot of indie games and even some Nintendo games, that only use Off-TV play and nothing else. When a game comes along that has unique and fun gameplay that uses the gamepad, such as Affordable Space Adventures, I’m always happy and hoping that we’ll see even more games like it.


6.5 Buddy And Me: Dream Edition Wii U...


Endless runners are a genre that I have mixed feelings about. Some endless runners, like Wind-Up Knight 2 are good, while others are not so great. Buddy and Me: Dream Edition is a new endless runner that came to the Wii U today. Is it a good game, an ok game, or a bad one?


9.5 Tumblestone


Sometimes, a puzzle game will come along that you’ll just love and keep playing forever. Other times, you’ll play a puzzle game once or twice and move on. Tumblestone is the newest puzzle game to come to the Wii U eshop. Is it a game I’ll play forever or is it a game that I’ll soon forget? Most of the time, puzzle games don’t have a story mode and when they do, the story is usually uninteresting. ...


9.0 Minecraft Wii U Edition


I never thought I’d played Minecraft. I only have a Wii U console and it looked like the game wouldn't be coming to Nintendo's system. And to tell the truth, I was ok with that. I had played the Minecraft clones and thought they were just alright. Then, when Minecraft came to the Wii U, I didn’t feel any real need to play it. Enter Nintendo. Nintendo gave Games Reviews a review code of Minecraft Wii U Edition ...


6.0 The Sweetest Thing


I’m still not sure what I just played. The Sweetest Thing for Wii U just came out last week and the game is still a bit of mystery to me. I played it, but I’m not sure I fully understand it. Just who is this game supposed to be for? Check out my full review below.


6.0 8-Bit Hero


Dungeon crawlers have been around since the dawn of man. Ok, maybe they haven’t been around that long, but they have been around for a long time now. You probably know the drill by now too. Grab a sword, enter a dungeon, and beat up some enemies!


9.5 The Beggar’s Ride


There are so many puzzle platformers on the Wii U and not all of them are great. The Wii U eshop is packed to the brim with Indie games overall and more of them are coming all of the time. How do we know which ones will be good? For instance, a new game called The Beggar’s Ride came to the Wii U last week! Is it a gem or a forgettable game among a sea of indies? Read on to find out what I think!


4.0 The Deer God


What happens when a man is changed into a deer? The Deer God, a new game for the Wii U, deals with that very issue. What is it like playing as a deer and is this a good game? Check out my review!


8.5 Asdivine Hearts


There are not very many turn-based rpgs on the Wii U. Though, it seems like we will continue to get more thanks to Indie developers. The newest turn-based rpg, Asdivine Hearts, came to the system recently. I got a review copy of the game and have been playing it a lot. Is Asdivine Hearts a good game? Here’s my review.


8.0 Epic Dumpster Bear


What would a bear do if an evil oil company destroyed his forest? Well, if he’s a video game bear, he’ll go after the oil company of course! In Epic Dumpster Bear for Wii U, you play as a bear who platforms his way to justice. Is the journey worth it though? Lets find out!


3.0 Super Robo Mouse


Have you ever played a game that was so frustrating that you seriously thought about throwing your system out the window? I thought about doing that exact thing while playing Super Robo Mouse for the Wii U eshop! Read on to find out why.


8.0 Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Di...


Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Director’s Cut is a port of a game that was once on the Dsi. Now the game is on the Wii U and being labeled a Director's Cut. Has the game's visuals been updated? What about its gameplay? Is Shantae: Risky's Revenge a Wii U game or a quick port of an old game?


9.5 Pokken Tournament


Do you love Pokemon? Do you love fighting games? If so, you’ll want to read my review of Pokken Tournament! Pokken’s story doesn’t get in the way of its fights and that’s the most important thing about it. I wouldn’t say that the story is a major plus or minus against the game. Basically, the story is interesting enough that you’ll want to see what’s going to happen, but its also a good thing that there isn’t ...


9.0 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Pri...


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is officially on three consoles: the Nintendo GameCube, The Nintendo Wii, and the Nintendo Wii U. In this latest HD remake, Zelda has never looked so good, and won't look better until we get the new Zelda game later this year (more than likely not though...). If you've played Twilight Princess before, is it worth getting again? We think so, but read on to find out why!


8.0 6180 The Moon


What if the Moon set off on a journey to find the sun? Does that sound like a strange concept? What if I told you this was the concept of a video game for the Wii U? The game is 6180 the Moon. Let me tell you more about it!


9.5 Oddworld New ‘N’ Tast...


If you played Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee on the Playstation 1, then you’re familiar with Abe and his wacky world. If you haven’t played that game, then Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty might be your introduction to this character and world. Does Oddworld still strike a cord or you should you stop following Abe?