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My LEGO City: Fire

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Ever since we received a pre-release copy of LEGO Worlds from the LEGO Group and Warner Bros Entertainment, we’ve been busy constructing a LEGO City on the Xbox One. While playing through LEGO Worlds, ...


7.5 Knight’s Fable

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Engage in a world of high quality graphics accompanied with very soothing music. Begin the game by choosing a character of four classes.


7.0 World of Warplanes

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World of Warplanes is an award winning MMO in 2013. Test your air combat skills at very high speeds. You will join a huge air force of pilots from around the world.


7.0 Forge of Empires

Read Review Forge of Empires Review

Set back to the Stone Age, Players can take charge as a mighty empire. Where you will be asked to build your city, lead it through the ages, produce resources, build an army and conquer the world.


7.0 The Settlers Online

Read Review The Settlers Online Review

Play as a Mayor, where you build your own medieval town and expand through exploration and trading in this classic style MMO. Don’t forget to train your troops to defeat enemies and conquer their land.


7.5 Anno Online

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Like most construction games, you are given a small plot of land with a house and your mission is to grow and nurture it into a complex city. To do this you will need to meet needs of your population, constructing ...


7.5 Stormfall: Age of War

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Set in a dark world of fantasy and myth, you have been chosen to lead in these dark times. The players mission is to be a Lord and to expand your castle while strategically building an army to use against rivals. ...


7.0 Sparta War of Empires

Read Review Sparta War of Empires Review

Set back in fifth century B.C, Greece. Players will take part in the war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire.


8.0 Lord Of The Rings Online

Read Review Lord Of The Rings Online Review

The story is an ongoing series of adventures, or quests, steeped with intrigue and action. The adventures begin the moment you start playing, and feature characters like Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and Strider, ...


8.5 Tera

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Unlike other MMOs, you may use your controller, keyboard and mouse to control the action like never before. With all the depth you expect from a traditional MMO plus the intense grati?cation of action combat, TERA ...


8.0 Angel Alliance

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The concept is based on good versus evil where conflicting players represent the forces of light. The fictional world is called Etheria where all the action and adventures take place.


8.5 DC Universe Online

Read Review DC Universe Online Review

There are a lot of free to play MMORPG's out there, some require you to pay just to do some mindless things and others have dull combat that rely on hot keys and very precise statistics. I was never able to get into ...



Read Review SMITE Review

For anyone on the outside looking in, the MOBA genre can look like a scary one. There are too many numbers, too much clutter on the screen, too many characters, abilities, items and you have to work as a team! I ...


9.0 Neverwinter

Read Review Neverwinter Review

Neverwinter, a game set in the D&D universe, started as a series of isometric RPG games with a heavy focus on pausable strategic combat. Since then Neverwinter has evolved into a free to play MMO with fast paced ...


8.5 Path of Exile

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Path of Exile is a new MMORPG from Grinding Gear Games, currently in open beta. The new action RPG introduces exciting and complex new elements to the genre, and should be a delight to fans of games such as Diablo 3 ...


8.5 SWTOR – Rise of the Hutt Cartel

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Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the new digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, injects new life into the game a few months after its first anniversary. Players have had a love/hate relationship with SWTOR since ...


8.0 Defiance

Read Review Defiance Review

There have been a number of attempts to bring the MMO to consoles and they have, by and large, been unsuccessful. Instead of building a game to play with a controller in front of the TV from scratch, developers ...


8.0 Dota 2

Read Review Dota 2 Review

It took an awful long time and a lot of legal wrangling with Blizzard for Valve to be able to call their new game DotA 2, but that’s what it is. In terms of spirit and content, this is the follow-up to the top ...


9.0 Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2, arguably the most anticipated MMORPG of 2012, hit the markets August 28. The game claims to be the next gen MMO that will set the standards for the genre in the years to come. Made by Anet, the same ...