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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Characters that Help in Honey Tree Trouble Event

Have you been playing through the Honey Tree Trouble event in Disney Magic Kingdoms, and wonder which characters can help you out in terms of obtaining event tokens and event currency? We’ve compiled a list below of the characters that can help with both! Understand, that all the characters from this event – Rabbit, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, and Kanga – will not be included because they obviously contribute! If you find any errors or omissions, please let us know! This is a page that will continually evolve!


Event Tokens

Bo Peep – T-kanga-3 Jessie – T-honey bee-2 T-tigger-3
Hamm – T-kanga-3 Sarge – T-kanga-3 T-eeyore-2
Woody – T-honey bee-2 T-rabbit-3 Prince Charming – T-kanga-2
Tinker Bell – T-kanga-2 T-tigger-2 Goofy – T-wtp T-rabbit-2 T-kanga-2 T-honey bee-1
The Flying Carpet – T-tigger-2 T-tigger-3 Aladdin – T-kanga-3
Daisy – T-roo-2 Iago – T-eeyore-2


Event Currency Earners

Daisy Duck Goofy Minnie Mouse
Bo Peep Buzz Lightyear Hamm
Jessie Sarge Woody
Cinderella Prince Charming Boo
Celia Mae Mike Wazowski Sulley
Will Turner Elizabeth Swann Eve
Tinker Bell Aladdin Iago
Genie The Flying Carpet Jasmine




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