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My LEGO City: Fire

Ever since we received a pre-release copy of LEGO Worlds from the LEGO Group and Warner Bros Entertainment, we’ve been busy constructing a LEGO City on the Xbox One. While playing through LEGO Worlds, it’s made me rethink the (future) LEGO City that will inhabit my basement. Through a series of articles, we will look at various aspects of the LEGO City, some of the sets I have in that theme, and what sets I’m looking to purchase. Today we begin with those brave men who tackle one of a cities biggest problems: fire!


Surprisingly, I don’t actually own the LEGO City Fire Station (60110) and have relied on my own ability to create what I think a fire station represents. If you are building a LEGO City primarily using pre-established LEGO sets, owning either the current station, or one of the retired stations from years past, is probably a starting point.
For most of us, our LEGO City isn’t a representation of New York City, but rather a smaller area where perhaps only one Fire Station is necessary. Depending on the size of the city, how much land you dedicate to your fire station is pretty important.
One of the first LEGO City Fire sets I ever purchased was the LEGO Fire Helicopter (7206), which would require additional land for a landing pad. As one of the larger helicopter sets that LEGO has release – the helicopter is great for large building and forest fires, with water cannons and a bucket – you cannot rely on a small helipad. A large, dedicated space is required for this set, and a nearby lake will also be important for the helicopter to dip down and collect lake water to drop on fires.
A small fire jeep is also included with the helicopter set. Add to that the various other fire vehicles sets you can obtain, and you might want to think about constructing a secondary garage. The Fire Station listed above has a number of vehicle bays, but those are taken up by the included vehicles with that set. What I really like about the LEGO Fire series is that you can get a lot of unique fire trucks for relatively low costs. The ones pictured below range from 20-40 dollars, and are great additions to any LEGO City.
Aside from a station, helicopter pads, and lakes, you’ll also want to consider building a marina, either locally at the station, or apart somewhere else in your city. Many of the Fire sets are either boat dedicated, or have some type of raft or dingy that comes with the set. Having a place to store all your boats that isn’t high-and-dry in a warehouse adds an extra bit of flavour to your city!
Do you have a LEGO Fire setup in your city? Send us the pictures, as we would love to post them and tweet them out!  Next week we are looking at those crime fighters, the police!

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