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Rivers Casino App Preview

It’s difficult to pick a casino app to gamble on. People who use these things want the very best, because they’re going to use them a lot, and because they’ll want something that emulates the true casino experience as best as possible.


With the free Rivers Casino Pittsburgh app, you won’t be able to gamble any real money, but you will get to enjoy a host of games at no cost.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the visuals are well above average. Very clean, very easy to navigate – the menus are everything you’d expect from an app of this kind. Everything seems fairly well explained and text is big enough to read without taking up too much of the screen. This is an area that many of these types of things get very wrong, so it’s important enough a point to make.

Beyond that, the app is as entertaining as you want it to be. For those local enough to go to the actual real life casino, this is a great companion, sharing information on upcoming promotions and entertainment events. To some of the people who download it, it’ll be meaningless, but if you’re close enough and go at least semi-regularly, you’d be a fool not to have this ready on your phone. Everything you need to know is at the push of a button, including descriptions of the various games they run in-house.

Part of this includes descriptions of restaurants, directions to the location and a list of hotel partners for you to visit if you’re travelling into Pittsburgh. It’s a useful tool.

For many people though, it’s the free games that’ll most stand out.

Users are required to create a log-in to play, which is a shame because there are other apps that do not require any personal information to use. That’s really the only downside though.

You start out with only a few things to check out, but the more you play, the more you unlock. This gives you a reason to keep returning for more, even when the first few games have become dull.

Games include Crystal Forest, Raging Rhino, Super MONOPOLY Money, Gems Gems Gems and Zeus III.


The app usually runs really smoothly, and, again, the visuals are nice enough that they stand out from competitors.

For what it is, it’s hard to be disappointed by the games on offer. There’s plenty to see and plenty to do, especially if you’re a big fan of slots. There are in-app purchases which may or may not interest fans, but that’s a often a decision that needs to be made with this type of game. Those who frequent the real casino might be more inclined to spend, but the option is there for anybody else too.


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