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Warfare Nations Review

Warfare Nations

Release: May 29, 2014
Publisher: VOLV LLC
Developer: VOLV LLC
Genre: Mobile
PEGI: 10+


Rent it About Rating
6.5 - Gameplay
6.5 - Video
6.5 - Audio

Warfare Nations Review – Introduction

Free-to-play titles are always difficult to review. Should they be reviewed without using in app purchases, or does a little money need to be spent to truly understand the game? Personally, I have my own way of doing reviews for these types of games. It is a simple formula, really. If the game lasts for more then a few days on my iPad, it’s probably decent. If I play it more than a week, it’s an excellent game. Warfare Nations falls somewhere in between.

Controls Can Kill a Game

I suggest that anyone who enjoys free-to-play titles gives this excellent title an opportunity

VOLV Interactive’s new title, Warfare Nations, is an interesting war simulator that utilizes a horizontal battlefield. Simple swipe controls – two finger swipe moves all your units while a single finger swipe will move specific units – are well implemented, making this game accessible to wider audience.  

The goal of the game is to upgrade your own base while producing armies to attack enemy bases and factories. Each weapon, vehicle, or soldier requires a set number of resources, collected by defeating enemies and capturing factories.


Pay to Win

Paying to win is often the norm for these type of games. However, I found that early on I could easily play and enjoy the game without spending any money. This is great because it allows players a sort of trial experience before actually dropping money. And dropping money is almost a must unless you are incredibly patient.  As the fights became more difficult, I quickly ran out of resources.  I could have quickly spent a few dollars, but I had my own personal fill of the game.


Warfare Nations is not doing anything different than many other game with micro transactions. What it does, however, is done well. I can see how many will thoroughly enjoy this title, and will be more then willing to reward the developers with their hard earned money. When it comes to free-to-play titles, this one is not offering you the most content off the top; however, its well done, and the lack of variety probably only becomes a problem after weeks or months of playing. 

I stopped playing this game because of the backlog of titles I needed to explore and review before heading into video games arguably most busy time of the year. I will go back to this game when the craziness has ended; until then, I suggest that anyone who enjoys free-to-play titles gives this excellent title an opportunity.


  • Very Accessible
  • A few hours of financially free gameplay
  • Great, balanced system overall


  • Eventually, you hit a pay wall
  • Essentially the same formula, just re-skinned
  • Other games do more


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