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Fantasy Mission Force Slot Review

This here is a brand new slot game released by the game provider Realtime Gaming called “Fantasy Mission Force” that has actually been themed after the cult movie set in World War II and that was very popular back in 1983 starring Jackie Chan and Adam Cheng. This slot game tracks a small group of troublemakers who are out on a rescue mission to save four Allied Generals that were trapped by Japanese forces and this is where the reels are actually set.


The thing that really catches gamers’ eyes is that this brings about the new addition of a storytelling journey to the online slot gaming genre as well as the fact that Realtime Gaming really were able to maintain every character present from the movie.

There is nothing more than lots of action and a whole lot of shooting and just as many explosions. There will be nothing but rewarding features considering that this game is five-reel slot game and the pay lines are changeable.

Considering that this game takes place during war times, one can expect a lot of weaponry such as guns, knives, bombs as well as plenty of other weapons. Dynamite is a feature that allows gamers to trigger free games and the Bickford Fuses all gamers to trigger the Kaboom! Feature. Another thing to keep an eye for is the Bag of Money since it is regarded as the Wild and allows a player to substitute for all normal symbols that are present as well as increases a multiplier by two times when there is a winning combination present.

The best part is that during gameplay, one can trigger the jackpot feature and be able to bet up to 50,000 times in a single spin.


When it comes to playing, this game is excellent especially since it allows for gamers to think and come up with whatever best tactics to get through the mission, that is if they are determined to complete the mission and win their rewards. With this game, the best thing to do, as anybody in the gaming world would advise a gamer, is to get a full understanding of how this game is played as well as the rules of the game. Basically, wins begin from right to left and three of a kind is the minimum when it comes to payouts.

Realtime Gaming also felt that to give this game the feel of a top-secret mission thus keeping a lot of the information very close. This allows for players’ perception to be a lot more heightened and allows them to keep a sharp eye on coin denomination as well as the types of betting options there are.


Another that many players can keep in mind is that this game can also be played at the Raging Bull Online Casino thus allowing for a more convenient experience for anyone who is keen on playing this game as well various other games via a smartphone or tablet. Also because of its secure platforms, downloading this game on a desktop is totally safe and since the software is absolutely responsive, a player will gain the exact same gaming experience on mobile as he or she would if using a desktop.
Raging Bull Online Casino truly does take gaming to a whole new level with instant play.


For anyone who is truly interested in this game, there will definitely be special features that will be present. The best thing to do is to give a little insight into these features and what they can provide for gamers.

There is the Dynamite Free Games feature which requires a certain combination of Scatters and Wilds in order to be triggered. Being able to get the Dynamite Scatter on the first reel and the Wild symbol on the fifth reel will allow a player to trigger this feature. Players will be awarded seven free spins and all prizes will be tripled as long as this feature has been triggered. A player should also keep in mind that the Wild symbol has a two times multiplier feature, therefore, all winning combinations that include a Wild symbol will receive a multiplier with a six times multiplier feature. In the course of the free spins, some symbols will have a Bickford Fuse. This is absolutely necessary for the Kaboom! feature because when a player has three or more Bickford Fuses, he or she will get up to three extra free spins per fuse. So overall, there will be indeed a large number of free spins for the player to simply take.


The maximum a player can expect when playing this game is a payout of 50,000 times the original bet, which many have found quite good. Also, the Progressive Jackpot feature that is present allows for a reasonable price for a single spin.
So the one thing to keep in mind is that the possibility of large payouts during the free spins is very high mainly because of the available multipliers that will be present to all wins.


Another feature that can be very convenient for many is that this game came to be playable across all devices. This is definitely the best choice for anyone who prefers “gaming on the go”, as they say.

In conclusion, this slot version of Fantasy Mission Force provides nothing but unlimited entertainment as well as exceptional payouts. Indeed, Jackie Chan will not be doing his magic martial arts but the features with the amazing rewards should make this game nothing more than awesome.arts but the features with the amazing rewards should make this game nothing more than awesome.


For any and all games, there is and always will be pros and cons to what makes it enjoyable or not. Some of these pros and cons include:


1. Rewarding Features

2. Progressive Jackpot

3. No need for playing cards


1. To younger players, the theme can seem unusual

2. Triggering the free spins feature can take some time



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