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XCOM for iOS releases 6/20 for $19.99

blank Well, that didn't take long. After announcing an iOS version of their award-winning strategy title earlier this spring, Firaxis Games wasted no time optimizing XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the touch screen: on Monday they announced the game would hit the App Store this Thursday for $19.99. That's right, the full XCOM experience (save for DLC, though Firaxis could always release this later as an in-app purchase) will launch for $10-20 cheaper than most retailers currently sell the console/PC version.


iOS7 Adds Controller Support

blank Stop the press! The biggest news of the gaming day - and it's been a day filled with gaming news - is that the next update to the iOS includes the ability to use third party controllers with the system. Announced yesterday, very few details have been shared, but the very news will be enough to open up a whole new world of mobile gaming, and it might even make a few old favourites even more of a pleasure to play.


Deus Ex: The Fall announced for iOS

blank Yesterday, Square Enix made a bit of a surprising announcement: the next Deus Ex game was almost ready for release, and would launch in July on... mobile phones and tablets?


Popcap Announce Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

blank PopCap have announced a follow-up to their hugely successful tower defence title Plants Vs Zombies, subtitled "It's About Time." Filled to the brim with Back to the Future references and unveiling a few new plant types, the trailer is the hilarious good fun that made PopCap's games so popular in the first place. Plants Vs Zombies 2 will have you defending your lawn across time and space, although how much of an affect that will have on actual gameplay won't be seen until the game releases ...


Dracula IV: The Shadow of the Dragon Unveiled

blank Anuman Interactive have released their first trailer for the next entry in the fan-favourite Dracula adventure series, as well as a set of images. The Shadow of the Dragon begins when a painting that should have been destroyed in a shipwreck turns up in Budapest. The player is tasked with finding out what has happened. It will be released for PC, Mac, iOS and Android in Summer of this year.


Digital Chocolate Launch Blackjack! Buzz

blank Digital Chocolate, the company behind Kings and Warlords(the producer of which we interviewed at the beginning of this month), launched a new game this week. Blackjack! Buzz, with its slightly quicker edge, is a more social game than the Blackjack you know and love. Taking a cue from the likes of Draw Something, Blackjack! Buzz pairs you against strangers who you must out-score. The higher the cards in your hand are worth, the higher your score when you decide to…


PAX East: 2K Announces XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS

blank During their conference at PAX East, games publisher 2K Games announced that their turn-based strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown – one of the most critically-acclaimed games of 2012 – would be coming to iOS this summer. And they’re not talking about a watered-down version or ‘companion’ game (think Borderlands: Legends): XCOM: Enemy Unknown will essentially be the same game players enjoyed on consoles and PC last winter. How is this possible? Project lead Jake Solomon ...