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New Releases this week | July 1st – July 7th 2013

This week’s new releases are severely lacking especially for the 2 main consoles, but Limbo comes to iOS on Wednesday so that kind of makes up for the big release short comings. The popular indie game is accompanied by some minor, small releases but hey, it’s July. Always a quite month on the videogame front.
All release dates are correct at time of publishing. Changes to release dates can (and more often than not) do happen at short notice.


 Limbo (iOS)

The fantastic and genuinely unique indie game by developer Playdead comes to iOS on Wednesday.
In Limbo you play as a little boy who wakes up in a forest lost and confused with no obvious narrative on how to proceed. The eerie visuals on show are emphasised by the monochrome art style, somber atmosphere and often gruesome deaths. With a trial and error-type gameplay and excellently crafted puzzles, Limbo is one game you simply should not miss. Originally released exclusively to XBLA Limbo eventually found its way to PC and PS3 and as of Wednesday will also be available for iOS devices.


July 3rd



Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (Steam)

Coming to Steam first on Wednesday and releasing to retail in the early days of August, the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition comes bundled with all DLC released for the violent 2D fighter including Freddy Kreuger from the Nightmare On Elm Street films. Whether you prefer Sub-Zero, Raiden or perhaps Sonya as your fighter of choice the impressive roster of 31 characters gives you plenty to choose from.


Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
July 3rd


Napoleon: Total War (Mac)

Combine diplomatic cleverness with strategic planning to lead your military to victory across the globe in this turn-based historic RTS from developers Feral Games.
Napoleon: Total War releases for the Mac platform on Wednesday.


Napoleon: Total War
July 3rd



Pilot Wings (WiiU)

Originally released over 2 decades ago on the SNES this flight-sim (I use that term loosely) got re-released for the Wii Virtual Console last month. Now Nintendo are repackaging it and selling it again for Wii U with no noticeable differences apart from being able to use the GamePad to control your aircraft. Thankfully, those of you that downloaded it for the Wii last month will be able to upgrade the game to the WiiU version for $1.50. For newcomers a $7.99 price tag still applies. 


Pilot Wings
July 4th


Crash City Mayhem (3DS)

From mopeds to tanks and everything inbetween Crash City Mayhem lets you cause chaos on the streets of an unknown city. With 36 challenges and tons to unlock including Bullhorns for your ride, Crash City Mayhem should keep you busy for a while. The game releases this Tuesday for 3DS in America.


Crash City Mayhem
July 2nd



Scourge: Outbreak (XBLA)

This futuristic third-person shooter will come to PS3 and PC eventually but gets its debut on Xbox 360 first.
Set in the near future Scourge: Outbreak puts you in the boots of an elite mercenary group hired by The Tarn Initiative to infiltrate the Nogari Corporation. Features include a 4 player co-op campaign, 4 characters to choose from complete with their own unique weapons and stats, online multiplayer including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and CTF and more network features including Leaderboards and Achievements.
Scourge: Outbreak releases on XBLA on Wednesday. No release date has been announced for PS3 and PC.


Scourge: Outbreak
July 3rd



Dark (PC)

Ever wanted to play as a vampire with a thirst for blood? Now you can in RealmForge Studio’s new game simply titled Dark. Eric Bane is a newly formed vampire that quickly discovers he needs blood to survive or face a fate worse than death itself. This new edition to the Stealth genre was initially set for a June release, but a delay has pushed it back. Dark will now be released on Friday. The game is already out in Europe.


July 5th



Kung Fu Rabbit (PSVita)

Released for iOS last year Kung Fu Rabbit hops onto Sony’ handheld next week in Europe.
The story follows a rabbit’s journey through a cartoony world as he attempts to rescue his long-eared friends from the clutches of aliens.
Kung Fu Rabbit releases this week on the Playstation Store for PS Vita in Europe with a US release following a couple weeks later.


Kung Fu Rabbit
July 3rd
PS Vita




Time & Eternity (PS3/PSN)

Time & Eternity (also known as Toki To Towa) tells the story of Toki, a bride-to-be seeking to revenge the death of her fiance who is brutally murdered during their wedding ceremony. This JRPG combines 3D backgrounds with 2D characters and enemies.
Time & Eternity will be added to the EU Playstation Store this Wednesday. America can expect a release date of July 16th.


Time & Eternity
July 3rd (EU)




Total Recoil (PSVita)

This Arcade shoot-em-up by UK developers Eiconic Games is currently free on iOS. Thankfully the Vita version, which makes great use of the rear-touch and front-touch features only the Vita can offer, is only E2.49. Not free but also nothing to be sour about.


Total Recoil
July 3rd (EU)
July 9th (US)
PS Vita



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