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Worms 3 Announced

Worms 3

Team 17 have announced that they’ll be releasing Worms 3 on iOS towards the end of this year. Worms 2 was released in 1997, so it’s been a hell of a wait, but hopefully it’ll end up having been worth it.

Worms 3 will bring together a number of things from more recent spin-offs, including the class-based combat of the rather excellent Worms Revolution. There will be 29 single player missions included, as well as a few online multiplayer modes, with leaderboard support. You’ll be able to play with friends locally as well.

All the usual stuff will be improved upon as well. Worms 3 will boast new weapons, a strategic card system (which will hopefully help people like me to actually hit something). New weapons include the black hole grenade, canned heat and Nora’s Virus. Keen eyed Worms fans will notice the H2O bottle in the picture above, a strong indicator that water will be making a welcome return this time around.

So far, Worms 3 is exclusive to iOS, but don’t be surprised by ports to other mobile devices, to home consoles and to PC after the iOS launch this Autumn.

Although there hasn’t ever technically been a Worms 3, there was a Worms 3D ¬†for PS2, Gamecube, PC and Xbox. There was also a Worms 4, so someone at Team 17 is playing thick and fast with the numbering, but I guess it won’t split the fan base as much as Sonic 4 Episode 1 did.


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