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The iPhone Gives Gamers the Experience They Want

My wife has never played a lot of video games. But every night she settles in with her iPhone for a few minutes and announces it is officially “Toy Blast” time. We all know not to bother her as she tries to advance a few more levels. By last count, she was close to level 8,000.


The iPhone is one of the greatest inventions of our time. It helps us work, helps us communicate, and it lets us play what we want when we want. Once upon a time, we thought Androids were the best mobile gaming device, but the iPhone keeps getting better.

Boosted by cutting-edge technology and with games influenced by the style and speed of online gaming sites, the iPhone and mobile gaming industry have become perfect companions.

The Specs and The System

Since Apple is the only company producing iOS (internet operating systems) and chips for their phone, they can free up RAM (random access memory) to keep the phones functioning smoothly.

For gamers, this means a smooth frame rate and elite touchscreen capability. There’s no worse feeling then when you tap to make a move on a phone and it doesn’t register and your opponent starts to pound you.

Consumers now expect that every game we play on a personal computer or platform like the PlayStation and XBOX can also be played on a mobile device and with the power of the iPhone you can.

The Influence of Casino Games 

There’s always been a cross-pollination of casino games and the gaming industry. In Red Dead Redemption, there’s the ability to enter a saloon and play poker and blackjack to earn virtual money for your character. Star Wars games feature levels at the Canto Bight Casino.


This is because casinos imply excitement, chances, and fun, the things every video game wants players to feel.

In an attempt to make their games more attractive to players, online casino providers have crafted engaging sites with numerous games that play like video games. Slot machines feature side quests after hitting a small jackpot, roulette wheels have sports team tie-ins, and more platforms feature a leaderboard where you can rise to the top after big wins.

Your Turn Next

At its recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June, the tech giant showed off its new Apple Vision headset to allow for a fully immersive computing experience. Don’t just see that picture you took of the Taj Mahal, stand within it as its projected into a landscape.

You can see where this technology can take gamers.

The iPhone is poised to be the next big thing – if it is not already – for mobile gamers to play on. It’s already a great device for popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Team fight Tactics. Loosely, these are both round-based player versus player games.


One of the biggest pushes to come out of WWDC aside from the Apple Vision is enhancements to messaging and FaceTime. You have to believe this has been a push from Apple engineers to try to improve the connectivity among players so they can have a true one-on-one battle, or lightsaber duel, or an old-fashioned shootout.

My wife is happy with popping bubbles and solving the maze of Toy Blast, but other players will expect more from their iPhones in the future, and they’ll get it.


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