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Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

Puzzles games have predominantly found their way onto mobile devices. These games lend themselves to touch screens and for on-the-go gaming. When companies attempt to move games from mobile to console, the results are often disastrous.

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French Developer DotEmu Releases Pang Adventure

French developer and publisher DotEmu has launched their latest title, Pang Adventure, on PC, Xbox One, and mobile today. Pang Adventure focuses on two protagonists that must save the human race from an alien invasion. With its bright graphics, Pang Adventure is sure to enlighten many players, both young and old.

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Miitomo is a Hit

Miitomo is a hit, and know one should be surprised. While I continue to have my reservations about how long it will continue to be relevant without some significant changes, it appears as if people are happy with it for now. They are really happy, in fact. Today, Nintendo released some data on Miitomo's success since launch. With over 4 million active monthly users, the game is generating 40,000 dollars per day. The average user is playing for 8 minutes per day.

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Disney’s Magical Kingdoms Fun But…

Disney and Gameloft's latest money making scheme - I use that word in gest here! - is Disney's Magical Kingdoms, a free-to-play game where you get to organize and build your own Magic Kingdom, complete with characters and some of your favorite Walt Disney rides and attractions. Overall, things are mostly good...when I actually get to play it.

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Miitomo Launches in North America March 31st

Miitomo has been trending lately on all social media networks, and frankly, is getting mixed reviews. This shouldn't be surprising: some people will love it - and love to tell others about it - while many will also really hate - and be glad to let their opinions known.

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Miitomo Preview (Japanese App Store)

In October 2015 Nintendo's brand new smartphone game was revealed to the world: Miitomo. Initial thoughts were mixed, even from me. The common consensus was that the app was just a toned down version of Tomodachi Life for your portable device. Well, the app just came out in Japan and I got my hands on the English version of it. So, what is Miitomo?

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Freemium Disney Magic Kingdom Game coming from Gameloft

Gameloft is known for making some pretty sweet games, but also for making some duds. However, Disney must have faith in them as the company famous for Mickey Mouse has teamed up wtih Gameloft to release a new, adventure park creating game called Disney Magic Kingdoms. To be honest, I'm surprised this hasn't existed until now. Although we don't usually cover these types of games on Games Reviews I'm making an exception for one, main reason. I am a huge Disney fan, and just recently returned from a trip to Disney World and on the Disney Magic cruise ship. We will take this title for a spin when it gets released, but until then, read this press release and logon to the website to sign up for some sweet premium benefits when the game launches.

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Nintendo to Launch Mobile Games in 2017: What Should we Expect?

Traditional consoles have stood the test of time owing to their dynamic, high-quality, gaming experiences. Gaming as a whole, however, has evolved drastically with time, with players relying heavily on new technology as their primary medium of play. Nintendo has not been partial to the shift, spending the last few years developing five games for release on smartphones in March 2017. The news, needless to say, has been taking the gaming world by storm. The News By March 2017, Nintendo…

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Family and Gaming: The Ideal PS4 Headset

Playing games while your kids are sleeping is a delicate balance between having your game audio on and still being able to hear your children who may be sleeping way across the house. One thing I've realized is that you CANNOT do it wearing an over-the-ear headset; you can't hear if a child wakes up, cries, or even has coughing fits. There really isn't a great alternative on the PS4 (or the Xbox One / Wii U for that matter) that will give you chat functionality and game audio without drowning out the needs of your kids.

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Fantasy Life 2 in development

Fantasy Life was my Game of the Year in 2014. It worked really well on 3DS and I still find myself jumping into it on a weekly basis. While I'll be passing on the mobile version, it does open up the world of Fantasy Life to a wider audience.