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XBox One Game Reviews

8.0 Farming Simulator 15


Farming Simulator 15 is not a widely heralded titled. It is definitely not selling as well games landing this summer - most notably the Witcher 3 - but that doesn't mean you should brush it off. If you don't own a PC, the Xbox One / PS4 version of Farming Simulator 2015 is an excellent addition to anyones gaming library.


7.0 Schrödinger’s Cat and the ...


What do we get when we combine science with a platform game? We get Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark. It’s a very long title for a game with a very long difficulty curve. You play as Schrödinger's Cat trying to clean up the Particle Zoo and bringing harmony to the chaotic situation at hand.


6.5 Lifeless Planet


Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition hit Xbox One on May 13, 2015, following the successful Kickstarter funding by independent developer Stage 2 Studios. The game first released on PC in June of 2014 and a few weeks later was released on Mac. Almost a year later we see it on Xbox One with a number of the original bugs being fixed, additional audio and text logs to collect and numerous visual upgrades throughout the ...


8.0 Rogue Legacy Xbox One


Welcome to Rogue Legacy, a game far from your normal platformer and quite unlike any other game you have played. Your whole purpose in this game is to battle, collect Gold, die, upgrade yourself and your families manor, avenge your ancestor's death, and repeat.


8.0 Shovel Knight


Shovel Knight debuted its 8-bit style platformer back in 2014 and received acclaimed reviews and acknowledgement for the retro style game. Shovel Knight now releases on the XBOX One with additional bonus content.


8.5 State of Decay : Year One Surviva...


State of Decay originally released in 2013 on XBOX 360 has now been re-released in 1080p as State of Decay : Year One Survival Edition for XBOX One, with three playable options to select in the game. The first option is "State of Decay", which is the main campaign, second is a sandbox style of play and the third is additional story and campaign.


6.0 Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator was first released on the PC last year on April Fool's Day and if you ever played it you know just how fun, how goofy and how bad the game is. It's not any different on XBOX One. The game still has very similar boxy graphics and many glitches but can still be played for hours. If you have never played it, give it a chance and be surprised at how fun it can be.


7.5 Shiftlings


Shiftlings is a platform game developed by Rock Pocket that follows two alien janitors. The janitors are part of a reality tv show, attached by an air supply hose and a whole lot of gas. The opening sequence shows one of the janitors finding a fizzy drink and downing it causing all the farting throughout the rest of the game.


8.0 Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tas...


If you haven't played an Oddworld game at some point in your lifetime, you are definitely missing out. Fortunately, the Original Abe's Odyssey was remastered and rereleased on Xbox One just this past week. For only a fraction the cost of a triple A title, gamers can relive and old classic in stunning HD when they play Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty!


7.0 OlliOlli : Grind…Kick Flip&...


OlliOlli is a 2D skateboarding game that has been around since early 2014 but finally made its way via port to XBox One in March of 2015. It's been a long time since we have seen a skateboarding game of value. There has been the Skate series (Skate, 1, 2, 3 released 2007 - 2010) and before that, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 released in 2002. In between that time there hasn't been anything great. OlliOlli is now ...


10 Ori and the Blind Forest


Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best games I have ever played...ever. Not only is the audio and visuals outstanding, but the story off the top is really gripping, making you want to play through the whole thing to see what happens to the beautiful forest that once existed.


9.0 Hand of Fate


Card games are great fun when played with friends, but I've never really felt that they have translated well to consoles. Many have tried, but few have been really successful. Hand of Fate is a mash-up between a card game and a hack and slash game and it works really well. Although there are a number of frame rate and lag issues, Hand of Fate is still an excellent experience on Xbox One.


8.0 ScreamRide


There isn't anything 'tycoony' here. It's just construction, riding, and destroying. On paper it actually doesn't sound like something that would be that fun. Sure, I often built ultra-insane coasters on Roller Coaster Tycoon, or build coasters that would inevitably crash. But that fun lasted 30 minutes, tops. So could ScreamRide deliver an experience that would keep me intrigued for hours on end?


8.5 The Escapists


There's a lot to like when playing The Escapists on Xbox One, and very few issues stand in the way of what will most definitely be an excellent release on Xbox One and Steam. I received a copy of the game from the publishers, Team 17 - yes, the Worms people - and got right to work. I was not disappointed.


7.0 The Crew


One of the things The Crew has going for it is actually the story. While overall it isn't breaking any major boundaries, it gets off to a great start. Unfortunately, the story becomes secondary to driving across America and essentially doing the same things over and over again, but Ubisoft grips players early with how things pan out. It's a story of crooked cops, a murdered brother, and so much more. The story ...


6.0 Assassins Creed Unity


Throughout the years, Assassins Creed has become an over-exerted franchise, and a new iteration can be found on store shelves just in time for every holiday season. The history of Assassins Creed has reached some amazing highs (AC2 & AC4), as well as some pitiful lows (AC3 & AC: Revelations) and Assassins Creed Unity looked to change up the formula for the better yet again. Ubisoft Montreal figured that by ...


6.0 Riptide GP2


Wave Race 64 was one of my favorite racing games ever, and when I saw Riptide GP2 I was instantly intrigued. Despite receiving a code for review, I probably would have put down 4.99 for the full version. When I completed the game, I wasn't as excited as when I began, but for the price, it seems like an adequate game for someone looking for a weekend of fun.


7.0 Funk of Titans


January is a pretty quiet month generally for the video game community. Most people are working through their holiday backlog so games usually don't release until February at the earliest. However, indie developer Crowd of Monsters is releasing Funk of Titans this Friday for Xbox One. This ID@Xbox game takes almost everything you love from 'runner' games on mobile and puts them on a console. While the game has ...


9.0 Halo: Master Chief Collection


If you own an Xbox One and have enjoyed Halo in the past, Halo: Master Chief Collection is hands down the best value for your dollar you will find on the console. I think many would have paid nearly the retail price just for Halo 2: Anniversary Edition - which is the definitive version in this bundle - but to get Combat Evolved, Halo 3, and Halo 4 is a huge bonus. If you need something to play with friends this ...


8.5 The Evil Within


The Evil Within manages to revive some of the best parts of the Survival Horror genre with its dark brooding atmosphere and classic elements of gameplay. Scavenging for supplies and fighting your way through a detestable world hasn't been this much fun since Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2. The world that Shinji Mikami The Father of Survival Horror has created cleverly combines a tasteful amount of stealth and ...


9.5 Sunset Overdrive


Insomniac Games has developed some interesting titles in the past, so it was no shock that perhaps the wackiest game of the year was also developed by them. Despite a few minor annoyances, Sunset Overdrive might be one of the best original titles released in 2014, and potentially ever. The game mixes genres that you love - it's been a while since a Tony Hawk Game; get your fix here! - and has some of the best ...


8.5 Far Cry 4


Kyrat isn't a real place, but the beauty that Ubisoft brought to this pretend-although-based-on-real environment makes me want to head to the Himalayan Mountains sometime in my life. I'll pass on the conflict however. Ubisoft has released another mega hit with Far Cry 4, giving Xbox and Playstation owners the best open world I've ever had the privilege of exploring. While the story is nothing to write home ...


7.5 Need For Speed Rivals


Need for Speed Rivals is the first new-gen Need for Speed, a franchise that's all about cars, speed and (most of the time) cop chases. In Rivals, you get to choose on which side you are: the cops or the racers. You can switch between the law enforcers and speed addicts any time you visit one of your hideouts.


8.5 Titanfall


Titanfall is an online based first person shooter, in which you can acquire a Titan, a giant mech which can either be controlled manually or serve as an AI controlled guardian. Titanfall has received mayor hype, so lets find out if it has been well-founded.