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XBox One Game Reviews

8.5 LEGO Worlds


I've been playing LEGO Worlds for about a week now, and have really been enjoying almost every minute of it. LEGO Worlds is so different from other LEGO games in the best way possible. While I still enjoy every LEGO game that comes out, this is a nice way to break away from the traditional formulas and do something different. I've never been a Minecraft fan, and was a bit skeptical of LEGO Worlds. However, after ...


8.0 Halo Wars 2


I long debated doing this review for Halo Wars 2, and while I plan to affix a score to this when I’m finished, I feel like readers should look at this as impressions. I have one reason for this: RTS games do not translate well to the console experience, and despite the good job Microsoft Studios has done with both the original Halo Wars, and this subsequent title, it is still not the ideal playing ...


8.5 Sniper Elite 4


If you were going to pass on Sniper Elite 4 because of the slight debacle that was Sniper Elite 3, I would forgive you, although tell you that it was a terrible mistake. For everything that was wrong with Sniper Elite 3, the next iteration of the franchise has more than made up for it. Although not everything is perfect in Sniper Elite 4, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with game.


8.0 Gigantic


Step into the gigantic Battle Arena with Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment’s 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) hit Gigantic. Currently Gigantic is in its open public beta stage for everyone to enjoy. The game has had very positive feedback in terms of game play and graphics, and we had to try it out. Gigantic is free to play with many in game purchases if they catch your eye. As with all free to ...


5.5 Bridge Constructor Stunts


Some you might remember when I streamed Bridge Constructor when it came out, and man Did I ever make some crazy and complicated designs, you could say some might even be classified as crazy and dare-devilish. But Wait … Headup Games Seen my crazy designs and decided to give me even more crazy tools and encouraging me to make even crazy bridges … this time with Jumps ?? This can’t all be for me ...


8.5 Dead Rising


Dead Rising 4 returns to its roots in Willamette, Colorado with original title protagonist, reported Frank West. While we return to the setting and main character from the original game, so much as changed over the franchises 4 releases, which has all come together into a fantastic, Christmas time title. While there are a number of graphical hiccups throughout, the title is otherwise very strong.


6.0 The Dwarves


The Dwarves is one of the few games that actually began as a book, and from what I've heard - and read myself - the transition from book to screen has been done incredibly well. As I get near completing book one in the series, I realise more and more how much work THQNordic put into recreating this fantasy adventure into a game. Unfortunately, slow pacing and severe hiccups ultimately hinder the ability to ...


8.0 Darksiders: Warmastered Edition


The apocalypse has been kick started in the re-released version of the game and it is our duty to kick some behind and take names. Darksiders was originally released back in 2010 for the last generation consoles – Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. This year the Warmastered Edition of Darksiders is released at a discounted price of $19.99 or £14.99 and worth every penny. THQNordic and Vigil Games bring us a protagonist ...


9.0 Dishonored 2


The original Dishonored game was received by fans with lots of hype, and for the most part, it delivered a wonderful, somewhat linear action/stealth title that was not only fun to play, but had universal appeal. It was and wasn't stealth, and it was and wasn't action. To be frank, it was whatever you wanted it to be. The same can be said for Dishonored 2, except this time there is way more to be excited about


9.0 Farming Simulator 2017


Although very few people would actually want to be a farmer in every day life, there are tons of people who would love to simulate this experience in a video game. The long running Farming Simulator franchise is back with another installment which is bigger and better than previous titles.


7.5 Mordheim: City of the Damned


There’s sure been tons of Warhammer and tabeltop licensed games this year , we’ve recently seen Warhammer End Times – Vermintide and Total War: Warhammer is quickly looming. But This review isn’t about either thoose games , This Review is about the City of the Damned , That’s right it’s Mordheim Time !!! Mordheim: City of the Damned is a tactical role-playing game video game developed ...


9.0 FIFA 17


Late last month, we posted our review of PES 2017 and praised the game for it's approach to the actual action on the field. The debate between PES and FIFA has been one that rears its ugly head year after year. FIFA 17 brings a lot more to the table than PES, but does on field play equal that of the Konami gian


7.0 ReCore


Recore does so much that I don't like. Things get repetitive, the requirement to do lots of backtracking becomes a drag, and have to 100% the game just to see the ending drive be crazy. But there is something intriguing about the game that keeps pulling me in, first and foremost the graphics.


9.5 Forza Horizon 3


If you loved playing Forza Horizon 2, picking up the next iteration of the franchise is a must own. With just enough new content to make things feel fresh, heading to Australia feels like a legitimate extension of the base they build in Forza Horizon 2.


9.0 PES 2017


There is nothing flashy about PES 2017, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. While the game lacks the available modes that a title like FIFA might offer, it more than makes up for it in it's realistic football simulation, making PES 2017 the best football game we have ever played.


5.5 Worms W.M.D


Worms W.M.D is an artillery strategy game in the Worms series; it features gameplay style closer to Worms Armageddon than subsequent installments, while adding brand new features from usable vehicles such as tanks to buildings that the worms can enter. But does that make this “definitive version” worth the $30 price tag , let’s discuss : Worms is a turn-based military strategy game where you ...


7.0 Assetto Corsa


Generally on, we can play through a game, give it a score, and be confident we addressed any major concerns and provided our readers with a solid description of what the game includes. It's pretty standard, and it's fairly easy. Assetto Corsa on the Xbox One proved to be much more difficult, especially when attempting to assign


6.0 Binaries


I thought I was good at multi-tasking when I played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons , and having to control each one with half a side , of the controller , but that’s until I played Ant Workshop’s Binaries, because oh man did it make my mind spin. Binaries is a game by Ant Workshop , in which has you controlling two balls , both at the same time ,through 101 levels. Their’s nothing special about ...


8.5 Deus Ex: Man Kind Divided


Deus Ex: Man Kind Divided wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. Man Kind Divided was my first foray into the Deus Ex universe, and for all the hype, I wasn't seeing it early on. As you begin moving through the main story, however, you quickly release that Deus Ex isn't your typical first person action-adventure-stealth title; it is something much, much more.


7.0 Hyper Light Drifter


When most people think of Indie Games, they don’t expect an extremely difficult game that tosses close-quarters combat, and a major focus on dodging and blocking attacks from super strong enemies. But that’s exactly what Hyper Light Drifter by Developer , Heart Machine is , a crazy hard 2D action role-playing game. The Games opening cut scene, shows Hyper Light Drifter’s protagonist surviving an ...


6.0 Ghostbusters


The new Ghostbusters game from Activision didn't go over well in our offices, but that doesn't mean the game is complete garbage. Although I felt it was a passable game at best, a 'younger' member of the team thought it was outstanding, and logged so many hours into it. Like the TMNT release a few months ago, the new Ghostbusters title is definitely geared to a younger audience, and super fans.


6.0 MX vs ATV Supercross Encore


MX vs ATV Supercross originally launched back in 2014 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and received mixed reviews. The game was popular enough, however, for Nordic Games to rerelease it on PS4 and Xbox One under the new title, MX vs ATV Supercross Encore edition. We've had the game for a little over a week now and are ready to share our thoughts.


8.5 LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens


LEGO games are LEGO games...they rarely change and depending on which franchise is be adapted, the game could be hit or miss. When I had the chance to finally sit down with the full The Force Awakens package, I was unsure of what I was going to get. Sure, the demo I played at the launch event was a lot of fun, but would that translate to the whole game?


7.0 Anima: Gates of Memories


There is a lot to like about Anima Gates of Memories, and these aspects definitely outweigh the areas of the game that we felt suffered. However, if you are caught in between releases of your favorite JRPG's, take Anima for a spin and enjoy the ride. It's definitely a world worth visiting!


6.5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mut...


The inability to get some great franchises from my youth revitalized in movies, TV, and video games is getting increasingly frustrating. For years, I felt the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise was heading down that same, dark path. Sure, we have seen brilliant uses of TMNT, but for the most part, the last 5 years have reaked of disappointment.


8.0 Dirt Rally


Authentic racing games with a tinge of arcadeness are definitely hard to find, but in reality, they are the most fun to play. Depending on how you set the difficulty, it is a game that can appeal to realistic racers and arcadey racers alike. While Dirt Rally tends to lean a bit more towards the authentic experience, it is still a fun game regardless of your skill level. Those unwilling to get in depth probably ...


7.0 Adam’s Venture Origins


Puzzle adventure games have become increasingly popular every since the launch of the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, but only a few have risen to the top and have, in effect, dominated the genre. The Uncharted series comes to mind here, as does Lara Croft's Tomb Raider series.


9.0 Quantum Break


Reviewing Quantum Break is an exceptionally difficult task. Reviewing any game that stands on its narrative and story direction is incredibly hard to do. Quantum Break is that type of game, one that is driven by narrative, plots and subplots, and the options of choice. Running through the game and giving our impressions WITHOUT spoiling the story might not make for the greatest review, but it needs to be done ...


9.5 The Flame in the Flood


Indie games are great, and Evolve PR is one of the best at getting relevant games into the hands of the right people. Without the PR company, I may not have known The Flame in the Flood existed. That's not the companies fault, it's mine for not being aware. And I'm so damn glad I found out, because The Flame in the Flood might be one of the best sub 20.00$ games on the market. With cute graphics, and outstanding ...


8.5 Hitman


I cannot say I have ever been a huge fan of the Hitman franchise; I was not a fan of previous installments of the series on console, and I absolutely despised the big screen approach. However, something intrigued me by this new Hitman title that has launched on PS4 and Xbox One. Whether it was the developers constantly reminding the public that this was a different type of Hitman game, or if it was the fact that ...