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Riptide GP2 Review

Riptide GP2

Release: January 23, 2015
Publisher: Vector Unit Inc
Developer: Vector Unit Inc
Genre: Sport, XBox One Reviews


Rent it About Rating
6.5 - Gameplay
6.0 - Video
5.0 - Audio

Riptide GP2 Review – Introduction 

Wave Race 64 was one of my favorite racing games ever, and when I saw Riptide GP2 I was instantly intrigued. Despite receiving a code for review, I probably would have put down 4.99 for the full version. When I completed the game, I wasn’t as excited as when I began, but for the price, it seems like an adequate game for someone looking for a weekend of fun. 


Doing Things Right 

I miss the days of couch cooperative and split screen play, but this game takes it to a whole new level. No one has six Xbox One controllers lying around, but if you can find friends that have their own, you are looking at six player split screen play. This is where the game is the best, when you play with friends.

I miss the days of couch cooperative and split screen play, but this game takes it to a whole new level

You don’t ride on jet ski’s mind you, but rocket powered hydro jets. It’s pretty good fun! It’s the perfect pick up and play title, which – aside from the price – adds to the appeal of this title. 

Doing A Lot Wrong 

There’s a lot missing from Riptide GP2 which essentially stops this game from being a good or even great title. There is no online multiplayer for starters. That’s right, enjoy the game with six friends in your living room, but don’t expect to enjoy it with friends online. You can race ghosts of your friends, but not your friends themselves.


Another big issue for me was the AI. When you first  start playing, the AI is frustratingly hard. If I wasn’t doing this for review, I may have stopped playing altogether. A few races in and a couple upgrades later, however, and you will be unstoppable. No one can catch you once you start upgrading your hydro jet. It’s an issue that makes the single player pretty boring. That, and the uninspired, dull futuristic tracks that you race on. 

Riptide GP2 Review – Conclusion 

There is a bit to get excited about here. If you genearlly play games alone you’ll probably want to pass on this one. However, if you have a free weekend and a few friends coming over, the multiplayer in the game is worth the 4.99 price tag.

Looking for a Weekend Game With Friends: Buy




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