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Pokémon Quest First Impressions

After the Pokémon presentation last night where Pokémon Quest was revealed, I quickly hopped onto the Nintendo eShop and downloaded the game right away and took it for a spin. As a completely different experience than any past Pokémon titles - outside of perhaps Pokémon Rumble - I wasn't sure what to expect! Where my early impressions of this free-to-start experience good? Let's dive in!

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Pokémon Quest Available Soon on Switch (Today) and Mobile (June)

The Pokémon Company, in partnership with Nintendo, Game Freak, and Niantic, held a Pokémon conference in Japan this evening (NA time) detailing the numerous games and accessories coming to the Nintendo Switch and mobile in 2018 and 2019. With lots to unpack, lets hop in and check out Pokemon Quest!

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Disney Magic Kingdom – Bambi Coming to your Park!

Over on their Facebook page, Disney Magic Kingdoms staffers answered fan questions regarding newest update coming to the game, and we’ve compiled them for you in print! You can see the replay of the stream by clicking over to the Disney Magic Kingdoms Facebook page! We have transcribed the first 5 questions below!

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Why Disney Magic Kingdoms Is a Good Game For Kids

Disney Magic Kingdoms has often got me out of a bind when dealing with my kids. While we are never fans of having electronics babysit our children, there are situations when my wife and I make exceptions. While we use to just plop on Netflix, we've taken a new approach with our two boys. Both have grown up with a love for Disney, and at 8 and 4 years of age, they've both had their fair share of trips to Walt Disney World, and on some of the most beautiful ships on the ocean, via Disney Cruise Line. To say we are a Disney family would be an understatement. Along with the parks and ships comes the movies, and as they get older, their appreciation for both the old and the new is growing. That is what makes Disney Magic Kingdoms so fantastic.

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Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch’y Situation – Buildings

While the characters are the real draw for playing through the Disney Magic Kingdoms events to completion, I have a soft spot for the buildings as well. Some events lend themselves to cool buildings better than others, and as is the case with "A Stitch'y Situation," some of the buildings are event replications of actual attractions and food sites from Disney Parks around the world. Let's hop into the buildings currently available in Disney Magic Kingdoms Lilo and Stitch event!

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Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch-y Situation – Characters

Characters are coming fast in the latest Disney Magic Kingdoms event, A Stitch-y Situation, and we have the low down on all these characters for you! We will update this page as more characters become available. Check it out!

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Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch-y Situation

Aloha! Lilo and Stitch have descended into Disney Magic Kingdoms, and you can begin your adventure with this loveable group today, April 19, 2018! Once your update has been downloaded, your adventure will begin. Join Lilo, Stitch, Nani and the entire crew on an adventure you won't soon forget!

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Lilo and Stitch Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms

With the completion of the Winnie The Pooh Honey Tree Trouble event, fans of Gameloft and Disney's park building game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, have been clambering for what is next. After tasking fans with completing a puzzle using pieces found across their social media networks, Gameloft announced that the next set of characters about to descend on the popular title would be from the Lilo and Stitch franchise!

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Sending Characters “Home” In Disney Magic Kingdoms

We've received a number of emails and tweets asking us what it means to "send your characters 'home' in Disney Magic Kingdoms." This feature - introduced a while ago now - is actually one that fans of the game have been requesting for a long time. If your park is overrun with characters, and your time is limited, sending your characters 'home' will be a great resource for you!

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Easter Has Come to Disney Magic Kingdoms

Although many of the Easter offerings this year are carry overs form last, many players have joined Disney Magic Kingdoms during that span. Over the last number of days, Gameloft has released the Easter update for the game, bringing in new costumes and a new stall for you to plop in your kingdom! Check out new Easter items below, and let us know what you are going to purchase!