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Maleficent Has Invaded Disney Magic Kingdoms!

If you missed out on the live stream from last week, Gameloft and the developers behind Disney Magic Kingdoms unveiled and showed up Maleficent, and the evil she was getting up to in Disney Magic Kingdoms. This new event which launches right after the Bambi update – remember the Bambi content is not an event, but an extension of the story – so there is tons of new content to keep players busy! Ready to see how to tackle Maleficent? Let’s dig deeper!

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Maleficent has arrived, and with it she is bringing a curse upon your Disney Magic Kingdoms. As you can see in the images below, her tower has descended on the parks and she is busy cursing nearby buildings, stopping you from obtaining currency from them – even when using Merlin’s spell!


An all new challenge menu is available, and it looks much different than the menus from previous events! You can see it below.


What you will be doing is sending a variety of characters. Mickey and Friends, Rapunzel, Toy Story, and Nightmare Before Christmas characters will help you get through this event, and it looks like Jack Skellington will have additional powers to potentially help you faster.

In celebration of the upcoming The Incredible movie, players will ultimately be working towards unlocking Jack-Jack!


It appears that if you missed out on some characters from past events – in this video it would be Jack and Ana! – you can purchase them with event currency, and they will help you earn even more to unlock Jack-Jack! There will be many ways to earn currency and tokens for Jack-Jack so get playing!




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