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Top 5 Hitman Games of All Time

blank Since its launch in 2000, the Hitman franchise has experienced one reboot after another. It also inspired two films, one graphic novel, and an online slot. Gamers always differ on which Hitman game is the best but one thing is clear: it’s not the original. It’s an unfortunate occurrence. Hitman: Codename 47 introduced the incredible game to the world. But for better or for worse, the game inspired the creation of much better sequels. Below are five of the best…


The mobile esports is trending

blank At the very beginning of 2018, the row of specialists made an assumption that mobile games will be the main trend in the nearest years. Mobile games showed a significant growth not only in terms of a number of viewers but in terms of the level of organizing and hosting large competitions over the last year. Arena of Valor is the obvious leader in these terms. The game has managed to win hearts of Southeast Asian fans and to become…


Civilization 6 on iPhone is Still Fantastic

blank Despite the small screen size and clutter user interface, playing Civilization 6 on the iPhone was still a fantastic experience, which is forcing me to backtrack comments I made via twitter about the game. We all know how fantastic the Civilization franchise is, and it's been a staple on the PC for over a decade. Now with the franchise available on iPhone and iPad, consoles, and the PC, there literally is no excuse for anyone to not give the game a try.


Why Are We Seeing a Trend of Reality TV-Inspired Mobile Games?

blank Gaming has always been ripe for exploration when it comes to other forms of media. From the amazing Riddick games from Starbreeze to the critically and commercially panned Superman 64 from now-defunct studio Titus Interactive, adaptions here have run the gambit of both time and quality. In the modern age, however, we are noticing a definite trend of reality television shows increasingly being adapted into mobile games. So why is this happening, and is this a trend we expect to…


Little Mermaid Event a Smashing Success So Far – Disney Magic Kingdoms

blank When it was announced that The Little Mermaid was coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms, I was more excited than most. As one of my favourite Disney movies - because frankly, the music is fantastic - I couldn't wait to start unlocking characters and adding new attractions and decorations to my park. And within the first week, the development team didn't disappoint with a bunch of characters, a few locations, and some decorations! So far, it's been a great success!


The Little Mermaid Swims into Disney Magic Kingdoms

blank Beginning on Thursday, Ariel and the entire Little Mermaid crew will be swimming into your Disney Magic Kingdoms application. Players will be able to download the update beginning Wednesday, September 5th with the actual 26 day event going live on Thursday, September 6th! The Little Mermaid is one of my favourite Disney franchises, so I cannot wait to see it come to my own personal unique park! We have a bunch of screenshots from the Disney Magic Kingdoms live reveal that happened last ...


Portal Knights Villainous Update Lands Around September 6th; Switch Version at a Later Date

blank The Portal Knights team has been very active on social media ever since the game originally launched, and now that things are up and running on every platform imaginable - Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android - the team is busy pumping out content updates to support the ever growing fan base. Although these updates are not coming as fast as fans would like - and I'm sure the Portal Knights development team would like to see certification faster as well - when they do ...


Take Advantage of Disney Magic Kingdoms Lulls

blank When there aren't any events going on in Disney Magic Kingdoms - which doesn't seem to be that frequent this year - players need to take advantage of the downtime to get their characters upgraded. If there was anything the Maleficent content taught me, it is that having characters at high levels makes finishing the quests much easier. Let's dive into why it's important to use down time wisely!


Disney Magic Kingdoms: Unlocking Christopher Robins – Chapter 3

blank Two chapters down, and one to go, as we all move forward in our quest to unlock Christopher Robins! How has it been for you so far? While I originally questioned whether the Big Hero Six event was fair when it launched - as many people complained that they couldn't get the necessary tokens to unlock Baymax - I'm not sure the same criticisms could be levied against the Maleficent event tokens, which if you are up to date with the games content and play regularly enough - even with a few ...


Disney Magic Kingdoms: Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and Christopher Robins

blank One of the largest updates ever has descended on Disney Magic Kingdoms, brining along new characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and the always enjoyable Christopher Robins. This major update is not only brining new characters, but new attractions and lands as well. We have all the patch notes below, as well as some of our early thoughts on the new event running right now.