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Quick Checkers: Online Checkers Game now available on iOS and Android

Whenever I find myself reminiscing about my childhood, I always look back at checkers/draughts with great fondness. It’s one of those games that I spent a ludicrous amount of time playing with my friends, most of whom are still close confidants to date. However, with the internet now opening up a whole new world of endless possibilities, I can now roll back the years and enjoy the endearing experience of this classic board game thanks to Quick Checkers — a…

blank Articles 4 years ago

Top 7 Apps That Have Gained Popularity During The Covid-19 Outbreak

As Coronavirus continues to take hold of a majority of the world’s population, many of us have found ourselves in some form of lockdown as a result. This has meant restrictions on travelling as well as several other daily activities. However, this lockdown has presented one shining light in the form of technology. Without it, many of us would not be able to communicate with loved ones at all. In this article, we will be looking at the top 7…

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LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Now Available!

I've been a sucker for Gameloft titles for a long time now, mostly because they always seem to partner with my favourite companies to release fantastic games. First, it was Disney Magic Kingdoms, a fantastic 'city building' adventure where you built your own Disney kingdom, complete with rides, characters and more. Today, Gameloft is releasing another major IOS and Android title alongside another of my favourite companies. Let's take a quick look at LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed!

blank Articles, News 5 years ago

What You Need to Know About Apple Removing Illegal Gambling Apps

Online gambling has been around for longer than most people think.  In the last five to 10 years the popularity of online gambling and gaming has soared, so many assume that this is a new pastime.  Yet, some online casinos have been around for more than 20 years! The internet has long brought casino games and gambling fun to players through their computer, but as technology improves, many casinos have introduced mobile applications that allow the player to enjoy the…

Creative SXFI AIR News 5 years ago

What makes the Creative SXFI AIR unique?

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around the latest in audio technology to come from Creative, the SXFI AIR headphones. In fact, they even won 15 Best of CES awards for 2019. But what is it about Creative’s SXFI AIR that makes it so unique and worthy of all this attention?  The term that is being used to describe the edge that the Super X-Fi AIR has over its competitors is called Holographic Audio. While hearing this phrase for the first time might conjure images of Star Trek-ian technology, Holographic Audio, when broken down to its simplest form, is the next level of directional and distance-accurate surround sound.

blank Articles, News 5 years ago

Top 5 Hitman Games of All Time

Since its launch in 2000, the Hitman franchise has experienced one reboot after another. It also inspired two films, one graphic novel, and an online slot. Gamers always differ on which Hitman game is the best but one thing is clear: it’s not the original. It’s an unfortunate occurrence. Hitman: Codename 47 introduced the incredible game to the world. But for better or for worse, the game inspired the creation of much better sequels. Below are five of the best…

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The mobile esports is trending

At the very beginning of 2018, the row of specialists made an assumption that mobile games will be the main trend in the nearest years. Mobile games showed a significant growth not only in terms of a number of viewers but in terms of the level of organizing and hosting large competitions over the last year. Arena of Valor is the obvious leader in these terms. The game has managed to win hearts of Southeast Asian fans and to become…

blank Articles, News 6 years ago

Civilization 6 on iPhone is Still Fantastic

Despite the small screen size and clutter user interface, playing Civilization 6 on the iPhone was still a fantastic experience, which is forcing me to backtrack comments I made via twitter about the game. We all know how fantastic the Civilization franchise is, and it's been a staple on the PC for over a decade. Now with the franchise available on iPhone and iPad, consoles, and the PC, there literally is no excuse for anyone to not give the game a try.

blank Articles, News 6 years ago

Why Are We Seeing a Trend of Reality TV-Inspired Mobile Games?

Gaming has always been ripe for exploration when it comes to other forms of media. From the amazing Riddick games from Starbreeze to the critically and commercially panned Superman 64 from now-defunct studio Titus Interactive, adaptions here have run the gambit of both time and quality. In the modern age, however, we are noticing a definite trend of reality television shows increasingly being adapted into mobile games. So why is this happening, and is this a trend we expect to…

blank Articles, News 6 years ago

Little Mermaid Event a Smashing Success So Far – Disney Magic Kingdoms

When it was announced that The Little Mermaid was coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms, I was more excited than most. As one of my favourite Disney movies - because frankly, the music is fantastic - I couldn't wait to start unlocking characters and adding new attractions and decorations to my park. And within the first week, the development team didn't disappoint with a bunch of characters, a few locations, and some decorations! So far, it's been a great success!