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Disney Magic Kingdom – Bambi Update Patch Notes (Patch 20)

The patch notes for the Bambi update – live now – to Disney Magic Kingdoms is available via the Disney Magic Kingdoms Facebook page, and we are diving in to see what other improvements, if any, will be coming to the game over the next little while. Outside of Bambi and friends obviously being added to the kingdom, there are a few items we are hoping to see that would be brought over from other, successful ‘city/town/park’ buildings games: the ability to set all your characters to a task, at one time. Will we get it? Likely not, but that’s OK, because the development team is always working on other, great quality of life improvements!


As always, we are playing Disney Magic Kingdoms on our Google Pixel 2, provided to us by Google Canada. The Pixel 2 is a great multimedia phone with two front facing speakers for an optimum audio experience, whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music! Read our review here.

New Characters

New characters are obviously a big part of the update, and as we have already discussed, we understand that Bambi, Flower, and Thumper will be making their way to the kingdom. There is one other character making an appearance, however, in celebration of an upcoming film! That is right folks, Jack-Jack is joining the Incredible family, and can now be welcomed in your park!

Along with these new characters comes a new costume for Elastigirl. I’m not huge on the character costumes, but for those who really want to go all out with a theme – Christmas, Halloween, etc. – these are always a welcome addition!


Attractions, Concessions, Decorations, and Parade Floats

Nothing to major in terms of attractions with this update. As we saw earlier, the Forest Ice Rink and The Meadow are the only two new attractions joining this update, which is OK by me as I have numerous other attractions I need to get built already! A few concession stands are also being added, including the originally announced Nightmare Mask Stand, Elsa Tiara Stand, Syndrome Wig Stand, and via these patch notes, a Maleficent Horns Stand!

If your park isn’t cluttered enough at this point – or if you wish to swap out old decorations for new – you can now purchase the Birch Log Planter, the Flower Planter, and the Elastigirl statue for your park. If you want to add to your parade, a new Bambi float is available which will give you chances at tokens and magic potions for your Bambi characters!

New Land!

New land has opened up behind It’s a Small World, giving you even more room for decorations, attractions and concessions. It’s pretty pricey to purchase though, so save those Magic Potions!


Balancing Notes

Enchanted Chests

  • Flower Planter added to the Bronze Chest
  • Pua Melia Flower added to the Bronze Chest
  • Autumn Leaves added to the Bronze Chest
  • Birch Log Planter added to the Silver Chest
  • Bambi Parade Float added to the Gold Chest
  • Forest Ice Rink added to the Platinum Chest


The Elixir value of the following items have been adjusted:
  • Tribute to Heroes
  • Tribute to Heroines
  • Pumpkin Wall
  • Headless Horseman Statue
  • Cackling Concession
  • Frozen Fountain
  • Olaf’s Summer Fun
  • Olaf Sand Sculpture
  • Croissant Stand
  • Patisserie Stand
  • Creperie Stand
  • Hare Shrub
  • Gaston Statue
  • Stack of Animals

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