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Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch’y Situation – Buildings

While the characters are the real draw for playing through the Disney Magic Kingdoms events to completion, I have a soft spot for the buildings as well. Some events lend themselves to cool buildings better than others, and as is the case with “A Stitch’y Situation,” some of the buildings are event replications of actual attractions and food sites from Disney Parks around the world. Let’s hop into the buildings currently available in Disney Magic Kingdoms Lilo and Stitch event!

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All the Characters available to date in “A Stitch-y Situation!”


As always, we are playing Disney Magic Kingdoms on our Google Pixel 2, provided to us by Google Canada. The Pixel 2 is a great multimedia phone with two front facing speakers for an optimum audio experience, whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music! Read our review here.

blankLilo’s House

Lilo’s house will be very familiar to anyone who has watched the classic movie, Lilo and Stitch, and Gameloft and the development team have done a fantastic job of recreating this iconic residence within the game. Despite working with a miniature setting, this location is instantly recognizable.

Lilo’s House will produce T-nani-2 event token, as well as grant players 18M-xp and 35 event currency! It can be built after upgrading Nani to Level 3!



Stitch’s Great Escapeblank

While Stitch’s Great Escape may be gone from Disney’s Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, it is going to live on in infamy in Disney Magic Kingdoms! This attraction really was one of the worst attractions ever at Walt Disney World, but as with all Disney attractions that get taken down, it will be sorely missed by many. For those playing Disney Magic Kingdoms, however, it can be a permanent fixture for years to come!

Stitch’s Great Escape is a premium purchase at 150 M-gem, and will be available on April 27th! It will provide a chance at T-pleakley-3 and T-cobra bubbles-3 event tokens, and will produce 23 M-xp and an undetermined amount of event currency.


We will have updates on future buildings as they become available, so keep this page tagged for updates! You can view the available concessions stands by looking at the picture above!

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