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Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch-y Situation – Characters

Characters are coming fast in the latest Disney Magic Kingdoms event, A Stitch-y Situation, and we have the low down on all these characters for you! We will update this page as more characters become available. Check it out!

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As always, we are playing Disney Magic Kingdoms on our Google Pixel 2, provided to us by Google Canada. The Pixel 2 is a great multimedia phone with two front facing speakers for an optimum audio experience, whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music! Read our review here.


Nani is Lilo’s olders sister, and responsible for taking care of Lilo. Although serious in most situations, the film Lilo and Stitch does show how Nani manages to put aside her 24/7 serious nature and embrace those around her.

Upgrade Tokens Required: T-las T-nani-2 T-nani-3

Event Tokens Generated: T-frog-1 T-cobra bubbles-2



Pleakley was the alien government Earth expert, and while working for ‘the man,’ Pleakley always had a soft side for both Lilo and Stitch, which comes across in their adventures in Disney Magic Kingdoms!

Upgrade Tokens Required: T-las T-pleakley-2 T-pleakley-3

Event Tokens Generated: T-nani-2 T-nani-3 T-cobra bubbles-3


Cobra Bubbles

Everyone’s favourite Man in Black turned social worker is making his way from the big screen to your phone screen, and will be a useable character in Disney Magic Kingdoms. With his own set of quests and an ability to help earn event currency and tokens, it’s probably not a bad idea to welcome him as soon as possible. Cobra is available now!

Upgrade Tokens Required: T-las T-cobra bubbles-2 T-cobra bubbles-3

Event Tokens Generated: T-frog-2 T-nani-3



Ironically, this evil genius – or so he wants everyone to believe – is the reason why we have the loveable Experiment 626 – better known as Stitch – to begin with, so technically with out him, we would have no Lilo and Stitch franchise! While I jest, Jumba is one of the more complex characters in the franchise, and his desire, nay need, to find and recapture Stitch is paramount to his future success in the galactic empire! In Disney Magic Kingdoms though, Jumba will be a bit help, and while he comes at a cost, he wll be very important for those who are infrequent players, should they wish to unlock everything!

Jumba will cost 275 gems to unlock!

Upgrade Tokens Required: T-las Jumba Ears, Jumba Binoculars

Event Tokens Generated: T-frog-2 T-nani-3 T-pleakley-3 T-pleakley-2 T-angel-2 T-angel-3

Image result for Jumba Disney Magic Kingdoms


Angel is another Experiment gone wrong for Jumba, and although Angel does not make an appearance in the original film, she can be seen in subsequent shows and shorts playing Stitch’s love interest. Although friendly at times, Angel has a mean and ungrateful streak that doesn’t really endear her to anyone! For this event, however, she will be you best friend, so make sure to unlock her early!

Upgrade Tokens Required: T-las T-angel-2 T-angel-3

Event Tokens Generated:

Image result for Angel Disney Magic Kingdoms


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