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Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Stitch-y Situation

Aloha! Lilo and Stitch have descended into Disney Magic Kingdoms, and you can begin your adventure with this loveable group today, April 19, 2018! Once your update has been downloaded, your adventure will begin. Join Lilo, Stitch, Nani and the entire crew on an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Check out all the Characters from this event!

Check out all the buildings from this event!


As always, we are playing Disney Magic Kingdoms on our Google Pixel 2, provided to us by Google Canada. The Pixel 2 is a great multimedia phone with two front facing speakers for an optimum audio experience, whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music! Read our review here.

Your first step will be to welcome Nani to the park, but while that is going on you can begin sending your characters – those from the Mickey and Friends collections and Beauty and the Beast collections – to begin collecting the event currency, and earning the various event tokens necessary to fight off the frogs hopping around Disney Magic Kingdoms!

Once Nani has been welcomed, the fun really begins as you unlock more of the Lilo and Stitch crew, and begin putting those new – as well as iconic – attractions and booths into your kingdom. With the help of Mickey and Friends, and all your favourite Beauty and the Beast characters, you should be able to complete all the tasks in this 26 day event. There is plenty of premium content as well, so if you are looking to spend money or gems on it, we have the details!


Premium Content in A Stitch-y Situation


Pleakley – Pleakley is the adorable – albeit somewhat annoying as well – monster with on eye who you will instantly recognize from the Disney hit movie, Lilo and Stitch. For 200 gems – or purchaseable via a pack for a small fee with event currency – Pleakley will help gain event tokens and event currency throughout the entire Lilo and Stitch event. While not necessary, it’s great to see Disney offer him as a premium item. He’s important enough not to leave off the Lilo and Stitch roster, but not so important that those with limited gems or finances will be upset if they cannot obtain him.

Is Pleakley Worth It? РAlthough we are just starting out in A Stitch-y Situation, Pleakley will help you get through the 26 days of content much quicker. For dedicated players, having Pleakley around might not ultimately be worth it because you will be left sitting, waiting for new events to unlock, because you had the help of this additional character. For those with less time on their hands who want to make sure they get all the limited content from this event, adding Pleakley to your park will deinetly help you achieve that!


For 60 gems, players will be able to purchase from the start the Scrump Backpack Kiosk, Lei of Flowers, and the Coconut Smoothie Stand.



For 50 gems, players can unlock the Lilo and Stitch float for the parade. It will provide players the chance at 450 event currency, 5 gems, or an uncommon Lilo and Stitch event token!


Thoughts on the Event

Things are looking really promising for this latest event. Disney Magic Kingdoms always puts out great content – as we saw during the Honey Tree Trouble event – and we cannot wait to see what this event has in store for players over the next 26 days!

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