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Nintendo on iOS

Although the obvious big Nintendo news of the day was the announcement of Super Mario Run for iOS devices this December, a second little bit of information included in the Nintendo of Canada press release is what has be buzzing. Of course I have a love for Nintendo, and as a video game review website we definitely will be looking at Super Mario Run when it launches later this year. However, tucked away at the bottom of the press release…


Pokemon Lives in Various Forms

Whether you love or hate it, collecting pocket monsters has never been so much fun. It’s amazing to see the evolution of the franchise as it moved from handheld devices, cards, tournaments, consoles, and lately, mobile. Today, Pokemon lives on in so many forms, and we cannot get enough at! Mobile   On mobile, Pokemon fans have two great Pokemon options: Pokemon GO – which is all the rage, even with people who have no idea exactly what they are…


Chicken Wiggle – A Platformer With Level Creation – Was Revealed Today

Renegade Kid is no more. The developer, who created Mutant Mudds and Moon Chronicles for 3DS, closed up shop this week. The two heads of the company have formed their own separate companies. Atooi is the company from Jools Watsham, who was co-founder of Renegade Kid. Atooi had previously released one game on iOS, Totes the Goat. And now the developer has announced a second game! This game will be coming to the 3DS and iOS. The new game is…


What Pokémon Go Has Taught Us About Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the world’s largest and most powerful. And it has grown in stature over the past ten years. And we have seen many different forms of gaming that have evolved and adapted. These days mobile gaming is hugely popular among young people, and Pokémon Go has really brought this to the forefront.



Hi! We wanted to let you know that AGRICOLA: ALL CREATURES BIG & SMALL is out now on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices! Developed by board game experts DIGIDICED, the digital adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg’s award-winning two-player favorite retails for $4.99 and includes an optional expansion, More Buildings Big & Small. In Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small, the player is the owner of an old farmstead with a bit of land. However, a neighboring farmer happens to have…


Best iOS Sports Games of 2016

Mobile phones have really gone a long way from the days when you could only kill some time by playing Snake or Solitaire. With all the hardware flagship devices now boast, it’s hard to contain your excitement about the gaming possibilities (literally) at hand. And rarely is that excitement as visible as when someone mentions sport games.


New Ghostbusters Games Are Out Today

For better or worse, the new Ghostbusters movie is a thing. And with a new Ghostbusters movie, there also must come a new Ghostbusters game! Check out the press release (and a trailer) for the new console and mobile Ghostbusters games below. Are you ready for some new Ghostbusters games? Check out this press release to see if either of these two new games appeal to you: ”                    ACTIVISION PUBLISHING, INC. LAUNCHES NEW GHOSTBUSTERS VIDEO GAMES Local Co-op ...


Mobile: Nintendo’s future?

Nintendo might want to move more of their franchises to mobile if the reports regarding Pokemon GO are any indication. Although I like Nintendo on their own platform, and wish they would remain there, you cannot deny the success of the Pokemon Release. According to some reports, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have racked up over 14 million dollars in revenue already. That is huge! The argument for Nintendo going to more than just mobile could easily be made here.…


Geek Fuel May 2016 Unboxing and Review

We are back with another subscription box unboxing video, and this time it is Geek Fuel's May 2016 box with items from Deadpool, Game of Thrones (unfortunately not in mine!), Uncharted, and more! This was our first time looking at a Geek Fuel box and apparently we got set up just in time to get what might be the best subscription box from start to finish that I have ever seen. Thanks to Mike over at Geek Fuel for hooking us up with this box to review. Our full written review is below the video!


1 Up Box May 2016 RPG Unboxing and Review

We just recently got our first 1 Up Box in the mail, and of course, we had to unbox it and review the contents. For it being the first box I got from this company, I have to say the bar is set fairly high. Check out the video directly below here and the full review with pictures will follow. Thanks again to 1 Up Box for sending this over. If you want to order your own 1 Up Box, just head to and get the subscription length that you want!