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What makes the Creative SXFI AIR unique?

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around the latest in audio technology to come from Creative, the SXFI AIR headphones. In fact, they even won 15 Best of CES awards for 2019. But what is it about Creative’s SXFI AIR that makes it so unique and worthy of all this attention?

The term that is being used to describe the edge that the Super X-Fi AIR has over its competitors is called Holographic Audio. While hearing this phrase for the first time might conjure images of Star Trek-ian technology, Holographic Audio, when broken down to its simplest form, is the next level of directional and distance-accurate surround sound.

Creative SXFI AIR

It does this by simulating a virtual room that can be customized by the user, which allows sound to be heard in its most naturally replicated form. While this may sound unnecessary and complex, many users who have tried it have been absolutely blown by the difference.

As with all things, there is an adjustment period to experiencing this revolutionary type of surround sound. Creative estimates that it takes the brain roughly 30 minutes to adjust to this new way of hearing audio. As we have become so accustomed to hearing digital sound in one way only, it takes this time to reorient itself to the more natural SXFI sound.

This type of technology holds a huge amount of promise in the gaming industry, as it can allow developers to design games knowing that players will be able to locate sounds with pinpoint accuracy, both by direction and distance, in a way that has never been so natural.

Imagine, for instance, playing a game like CS:GO and knowing exactly how far someone was standing when they shuffled to one side. Right now, you do not have the tools required to identify if someone is 10 feet or 15 feet, you simply know they are on your left and close-ish.

This realism can be used to revolutionize all of your other audio experiences as well: listening to music, watching movies and even take a phone call while hearing the person on the other end as if they were standing directly beside you!

Creative SXFI AIR 2

SXFI removes all guesswork from the equation and will allow players to elevate their situational awareness in FPS and tactical shooters to unprecedented levels.

The Creative SXFI AIR even allows customization based on ear and face structure, both of which have a significant impact on how our brains receive and interpret audio cues. This customization is done through the SXFI App (available on Google Play and the App Store), using an advanced Ear & Head-Mapping process.

While this can be a slightly tedious process, if the reviews are anything to go by, your investment will be well-rewarded with a natural audio experience like you’ve never experienced before.

The Creative SXFI AIR comes loaded with full Bluetooth functionality, a USB option for PC, a NanoBoom mic, 50mm Neodymium drivers and an SD slot, allowing you to carry your favourite music with you wherever you go – no additional device required! In addition, these headphones are compatible with iPhones, Android, Windows, Mac, PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

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