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LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Now Available!

I’ve been a sucker for Gameloft titles for a long time now, mostly because they always seem to partner with my favourite companies to release fantastic games. First, it was Disney Magic Kingdoms, a fantastic ‘city building’ adventure where you built your own Disney kingdom, complete with rides, characters and more. Today, Gameloft is releasing another major IOS and Android title alongside another of my favourite companies. Let’s take a quick look at LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed!


From Gameloft:

Each minifigure in the game comes with a unique set of abilities and skills, so players can build bespoke minifigure teams to tackle a series of exciting turn-based RPG challenges. Players can explore regions in the game inspired by iconic, fan-favorite LEGO sets such as those from LEGO City or LEGO Castle, and can even collect and unlock digital versions of real-world sets. The digital versions of these real-world LEGO sets feature the original box art and give players the chance to build some of their favorite sets digitally following real-life instructions!

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is set in the ruins of Piptown, a small village that players are tasked to rebuild as they start a fantastic journey filled with epic quests and strategic battles. In true RPG fashion, players will have the chance to team up with allies and make friends with iconic minifigures such as the wizard Majisto, the friendly Hiker and the powerful Chicken Suit Guy – all who bring their own unique skill set to help overcome challenges. Will players team up with Basil the Batlord, the chilly Commander Cold, the upbeat Fitness Instructor, or will they turn to other minifigures new and old as they explore this strangely familiar world? Even the beloved LEGO minifigure Captain Redbeard from Set 6270 (1989) is here to lend a hand…er, hook to rebuild Piptown!

The game is being developed and supported by Gameloft’s Toronto studio, which brings this game even closer to home for me! A quick trip up Ontario’s biggest highway, and I could go visit!

At launch, the game will have over 50 characters from 40 years of LEGO history, and I’m sure more will come with future updates. Our good friends at Gameloft have given us special access into all aspects of the game, so look for our on-going review of the game soon!



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