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Quick Checkers: Online Checkers Game now available on iOS and Android

Whenever I find myself reminiscing about my childhood, I always look back at checkers/draughts with great fondness. It’s one of those games that I spent a ludicrous amount of time playing with my friends, most of whom are still close confidants to date.


However, with the internet now opening up a whole new world of endless possibilities, I can now roll back the years and enjoy the endearing experience of this classic board game thanks to Quick Checkers — a free online checkers game available both on iOS and Android.

Quick Checkers is currently available for download:

Android: Quick Checkers on Google Play
iOS: Quick Checkers on Apple App Store

Quick Checkers, which has been created by GamoVation — a leading video game developer based in the Netherlands — is a multiplayer checkers game which will unequivocally challenge you just as much as it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Fancy delving deeper into some of the nitty-gritty details about this traditional and inspiring game? Here is a look at some of the features that will certainly whet your appetite:

Play against random people

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to see just how competitively you rate compared to other players from across the globe? Well, this 1 vs. 1 multiplayer game allows you to challenge yourself against random people from all over the world for a quick classic game of checkers.

Different locations

Quick Checkers has an extensive range of real world locations to choose from. So whether you want to play in New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam or Rio de Janeiro, all you have to do is earn experience and level up in order to gain access.

The game also has dozens of unique checker skins and avatars to choose from, not to mention the ability to choose your own custom avatar.

Online chat system to communicate with other players

The fact that Quick Checkers has an instant in-game chat system makes it all the more engaging. Whenever I win a game, I can almost guarantee you that my opponents will be receiving a catalog of playful emojis and banter about how I’m the real checkers master.

Exciting rewards

Quick Checkers similarly has a range of milestones and achievements which will raise your reputation in the game, in addition to standing you in good stead when it comes to receiving rewards.

Furthermore, the more you unlock various achievements, the better your chances of receiving more fascinating rewards. For instance, attaining the milestone of having played five games will earn you 500 Coins, while winning a single game will earn you 5 Gems.

Ranking system

Given how the game has a number of players from all over the world, it’s only fitting to have a ranking system that will help you find out how your performances rank vis-à-vis those of other players across the globe.

Complete with a National ranking as well as a Global ranking, you can not only learn how well you perform each month but also view your all-time progress.

On top of that is the fact that Quick Checkers has almost no loading times, guaranteeing a smooth overall gaming experience.

When it comes to developing video games, GamoVation has it down to an art. The video game developer, which has an ever-growing player fan base of more than 10+ million unique registered users, has successfully launched a number of games over the last decade, key among them being FISHAO, MafiaBattle and Club Manager.

Given their player-oriented approach when it comes to developing games, it’s easy to see why the company has exceeded and excelled in expectation.

Nevertheless, the work never stops at GamoVation. Despite the confounding intrigue that Quick Checkers has garnered thanks to the exceptional work done by the committed team, there is still a lot to expect from this online draughts game.

For instance, plans are already aloft to add more cool features in the coming months. Therefore feel free to submit any suggestions, comments or feedback that will help make this checkers/draughts game even better!


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