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Titan Quest on Mobile is the Ultimate Experience

I’ve played Titan Quest a lot lately – on PC, on Xbox One, on the Nintendo Switch, and lately, on my Google Pixel 5G. While the game has slightly improved with each play through, the biggest leap in quality and playability actually comes with the mobile release, which is something I wasn’t expecting. While it’s still on a perfect experience – as you cannot change the games problems simply by moving it to a new system – the portability of the mobile version makes this an easy recommendation for open world role playing game fans!


The biggest issue I’ve had with the mobile gaming space over the last decade is the continual push to make games freemium, that is, providing you a free game chalked full of pay-to-play / pay-to-win mechanics that slow down game progression, and ultimately make things uninteresting for a long time. Games like Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic and Titan Quest are bucking the trend by providing a complete experience for a set price, which is what I prefer as a mobile gamer. With this system, I know the game I’m buying and what is included, and progression isn’t tied behind long timers, stored energy, or the like.

Originally released in 2006 on PC, you are playing a dated game, and dated games come with dated mechanics. Through the 30-40 hour campaign, you’ll notice those inconsistencies with modern gaming, although once you settle into this experience, those nuisances seem to slip away. What doesn’t slip away, however, is the somewhat consistent poor framerate, but only when the screen becomes overloaded with ‘stuff.’ We’ve been playing on the Google Pixel 5G smartphone, and it can be rough at times. This is a sprawling adventure with tons of content packed in, and it’s clearly pushing the Pixel phone to the limits – some might say this is the result of playing on a mid-tiered smart phone that doesn’t have the fastest processor or best graphics chip. However, a quick google search will let you know that many iPhone and iPad players are experiencing similar issues.

The only other gripe is the user interface, which doesn’t scale well from the PC/Xbox version to the phone. It’s not something we can really fault the development team for, however, as there really are not other options.

But there is a ton of good that ultimately makes Titan Quest an easy recommendation for RPG / Diablo fans! This complete edition on mobile not only packs the main game, but tons of additional content as well, bringing new quests, areas, loot and more to the mobile phone. It’s easy to pull out my phone on trips, commutes to work, and more, just to play for a few quick minutes before finding a save spot and stopping. It works really well in these instances, and it easily my go-to platform to play this game (it was previously the Nintendo Switch). With so much content to enjoy, it’s hard not to enjoy this sprawling, and still epic, RPG.



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