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Looking at Claw Toys – Is it Legit?

There are plenty of gambling games on iOS and Android that promise big payouts, and most of them – if not all of them – have a tiny catch that makes it nearly impossible to win. Whether you need a certain amount of money to cash out, or are required to win a certain number of prizes before getting your products shipped, there is always a catch that makes these experiences feel less than legitimate. So I took a leap, and ‘partnered’ with Claw Toys to see what would happen with the coins they provided to me.


For the sake of this article, Claw Toys provided me with 1000 coins to play their claw game. I’ve also purchased additional coins with my own money. While these were gifts from the website, the review and opinions are my own. You can bind our invitation code of 3137168 to earn more coins when you sign up. But first read our review!



Claw Toys operates out of China, which means their game is required to comply with Chinese law. This is the first major hurdle those looking to play will need to overcome – just because you are accessing this from the United States, or perhaps Europe, doesn’t mean the game complies with your local gambling laws. Gambling you say? Yes gambling, because claw toys of all forms are a type of gambling. Let’s take a look closer at physical machines, shall we.

In North America, the majority of claw machines work on a number-of-plays system. Yes, there is a certain amount of skill that requires you to accurately line-up the claw with the prize, but even then, you need to be “lucky number ‘x'” to actually snag the prize and take it home. We never have a problem with this system that is obviously in favour of the company because, well, it was only a dollar. It’s the same reason we drop tokens into machines at arcades, hoping to score big on tickets. They game isn’t meant to favour the player. But we do it because it’s fun.

And, if you choose to play Claw Toys, that’s why you’ll do it. It’s still kinda fun, and the thrill of actually pulling in a prize will delight you to no end. The game offers up various ways to earn free coins – having friends join using your code, earning daily login bonuses, and even getting a chance (a very slim chance mind you) of getting coins in the daily random draw. You can play Claw Toys a few times per week without actually spending any money, but I’ve been doing it for months and never was actually able to snag my second prize, so I could apply to have them shipped.

With a few months of free play – and a few personal purchases of my own – I can tell you that Claw Toys is not a scam. People have won prizes, and you can find many online from all over the world. Whether those were legitimate wins or free gifts from the company is not always clear, but there are enough to assume people do win. It just hasn’t been me yet. But remember when you start, this game is meant to benefit the operation, not the player. And when the claw unsuspectedly lets go of your prize when you believe you’ve got the perfect grab, remember one small thing – these games are built around a system where there needs to be a certain number of plays before a prize can be won.

Technically speaking, this is definitely a form of gambling, but not a scam. Enter and play at your own risk. If you use the freebies and expect to win nothing, however, and you’ll have a fun time a few times per week!




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