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Little Mermaid Event a Smashing Success So Far – Disney Magic Kingdoms

When it was announced that The Little Mermaid was coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms, I was more excited than most. As one of my favourite Disney movies – because frankly, the music is fantastic – I couldn’t wait to start unlocking characters and adding new attractions and decorations to my park. And within the first week, the development team didn’t disappoint with a bunch of characters, a few locations, and some decorations! So far, it’s been a great success!


Right away, players will unlock Sebastian, quickly following that up with Prince Eric and Scuttle. While getting all three does involve an investment of gems, it’s more than worth it if you ask me. People always ask me what they should save their gems for – as the game is fairly generous with gems between daily gifts and parades – I always tell them to wait for events and purchase the premium characters.

It doesn’t take long for players to unlock their first attraction either, and although Ariel’s Grotto isn’t a large item – thank goodness, as I’ve run out of room! – it’s a great start to what will be a bustling Little Mermaid area in my park. Add to that the premium stands available right away – Croquette Sandwich Stand, Soda Concession, Popcorn Cart – and you can quickly set up a nice area for your guests to explore.


And so far, the event has seemed fair. The items I need are unlocking at an impressive rate; it’s not all the time, but I would say that 80% of the time, my characters are coming back to me with forks, horns, and more. As with all the events lately, there is plenty of special and unique items to collect and use. Whether you are getting the things necessary to unlock Ariel, or are getting items necessary to defeat all the Cursed Crabs, there is plenty to do, and plenty of characters to help along the way.

These event always favour those who are further along in the story; this time around, the crew from Lilo and Stitch will be on hand to help earn special event curreny, as well as the items necessary to unlock and level up your new characters. I’m excited to see where this event goes in the future, so stay tuned as we update you in about a weeks time!


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