Mobile Game Reviews

7.5 Blackjack!

Read Review Blackjack! Review

Casino games on mobile are becoming increasingly more popular as younger people are looking for a cheaper - no real money is won or lost here, although there are micro transactions - alternative to the casino. As ...


9.0 Fallout Shelter

Read Review Fallout Shelter Review

Fallout Shelter is… wait a minute, I just need to collect these resources. There we go. As I was saying, this free-to-play game is… hang on, I need to deal with these raiders. Phew. Right, let me turn my phone off ...


7.5 Solar 2

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Solar 2 is an indie game by Jay Watts where the you control a celestial body through the massive void of space, colliding and absorbing other smaller objects in order to get bigger. Simple enough, right? The game ...


7.5 888 Casino App

Read Review 888 Casino App Review

Although not quite as well designed as it should be, 888 Casino offers a range of games within a low-weight app, all of which offer free and paid options. For those looking for a new Casino app this one is defiantly ...


7.5 Mobile App

Read Review Mobile App Review

It's difficult to stand out on when it comes to gambling online. There are so many companies that choosing who to trust you money to can be a gamble in itself. When it comes from though, you know that ...


6.0 Micromon

Read Review Micromon Review

You get a lot of copycat app games out there and most of them are lazy garbage. Now we have Micromon, a clone of Pokémon, which in all honesty is probably one of the better “influenced by” games out there. While ...


6.5 Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Read Review Crazy Taxi: City Rush Review

Everyone in Bay City is in a hurry. There is something to do and somewhere to go at all times, and they won’t let anyone slow them down. In a fast-paced city like that, taxi cabs are a booming business looking for ...


6.5 FCB Pinball

Read Review FCB Pinball Review

Zen Pinball has paved the way for what pinball should feel like on your phone or tablet; they have set the bar for what good pinball is. Legendo Entertainment has their own Pinball client, but chose to release a ...


6.5 Warfare Nations

Read Review Warfare Nations Review

Free-to-play titles are always difficult to review. Should they be reviewed without using in app purchases, or does a little money need to be spent to truly understand the game? Personally, I have my own way of ...


6.0 Bubble Blaze

Read Review Bubble Blaze Review

Bubble Blaze is a (very) casual game for Android and IOS devices. The game offers not much in ways of innovation but seems to rely on its cute art style and simple but fun game mechanic.


8.5 Wayward Souls

Read Review Wayward Souls Review

Wayward Souls - the latest offering from Rocketcat Games, the minds behind Punch Quest - is the latest of this genre revival, following in the wake of other recent mobile and PC entries like FTL or Rogue Legacy. ...


3.5 Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Read Review Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Review

So it's come to this. The Simpsons Tapped Out was a huge hit, and Fox have decided to double dip, bringing the idea to another of their hit animated shows. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff begins when Peter Griffin, ...


9.0 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Read Review 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Review

Usually the story in a video game uses the same techniques found in other mediums. Epic adventures that have clear beginnings and ends. No matter what sort of free-roaming choices there might be along the way, games ...


2.0 Dungeon Keeper

Read Review Dungeon Keeper Review

What happens when you take a beloved cult series and bastardize it until it suits mass appeal? What happens when you add just enough reference to the original series that fans are interested enough to check it out, ...


5.5 World of Cheese

Read Review World of Cheese Review

Mice like cheese and anybody who's seen an episode of Tom and Jerry knows the lengths they'll go to get some. They don't mind disfiguring cats, using the dark arts, blackmailing relatives... so long as their bellies ...


7.0 Excalibur

Read Review Excalibur Review

Excalibur is a 2D mobile action MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online game) developed by R2Games for iOS and Android devices. The game allows player to choose from 3 unique character classes and send them on a ...


7.5 Icycle On Thin Ice

Read Review Icycle On Thin Ice Review

Dennis is having a bit of a bad day. The world has been frozen over, he's all alone, he has nothing but a creaky bicycle to make his way through the frozen hellscape and, on top of all that, some video game player ...


7.5 EPOCH 2

Read Review EPOCH 2 Review

There's a problem with iOS sequels: the phrase "more of the same thing" would be an understatement in describing the 'changes' most games make before attaching a numeral. There are a few bright spots here and there ...


7.0 Garfield Kart

Read Review Garfield Kart Review

Karting games, once only really the dominion of Mario and friends, are starting to get better. If you were going to make a racing game for your franchise, the chances were that it'd end up more South Park and less ...


8.5 Sorcery 2

Read Review Sorcery 2 Review

The problem with Dungeons & Dragons was that it could only be played with a group. Desktop PCs in the 80s had a few text adventure games that mimicked the D&D experience as a single-player adventure, but PC's were ...


7.0 MyGPTeam Turbo

Read Review MyGPTeam Turbo Review

MyGPTeam is a Grand Prix title with a difference. Available on the Google Play store via Android mobile devices, it gives you the chance to win races against people from all over the world without needing to hold ...


6.5 Broken Sword II The Smoking Mirror

Read Review Broken Sword II The Smoking Mirror Review

It’s hard to judge a sequel without comparing it to the original. Broken Sword: Director’s Cut set the standard for the series, which I praised in my review. Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered is a decent ...


7.0 FlowDoku

Read Review FlowDoku Review

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games on earth, with endless amounts of variations, apps, books and even competitions dedicated to the "ancient" mindbender. FlowDoku hopes to stand out amongst them, ...


8.5 Broken Sword Directors Cut

Read Review Broken Sword Directors Cut Review

If you're a young person, you might not remember what a point-and-click adventure game is. Well, it's a game where you have to point, sometimes even click, and the story takes you on an adventure! They fell out of ...


9.5 Asphalt 8 Airborne

Read Review Asphalt 8 Airborne Review

As one of the larger publishers in the App Store, Gameloft's recent descent into free-to-play monstrosities or thrown-together movie tie-ins been quite disappointing, especially when signature franchises take a turn ...


5.5 Muscle Run

Read Review Muscle Run Review

The combination of endless runner and driving game seems like a natural fit: put someone behind the wheel, and throw them into some gravel-flavored mayhem, upgrading cars and purchasing new rides along the way. It ...


6.0 Save the Snail HD

Read Review Save the Snail HD Review

You have no idea how difficult it is to be a snail. There are traps everywhere - hammers, spikes, pins, deadly drops - and that's before you even begin to think of falling rocks and the hot sun. It's not easy to be ...


7.5 Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Read Review Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review

Cook, Serve, Delicious is not just about preparing food, but serving it in a timely manner. You are re-opening a restaurant, conveniently named Cook, Serve, Delicious, that was once a five star restaurant in the ...


9.0 Knightmare Tower

Read Review Knightmare Tower Review

So let's say you're a knight. Sweet gig, huh? You own your own land, have a squire to attend to all of the boring and trivial nonsense that you don't feel like dealing with, and all those medieval ladies think that ...


6.0 The Drowning

Read Review The Drowning Review

If you follow mobile games at all, you'll probably have heard of The Drowning. It's the latest first-person shooter to be brought to iOS and the one that the developers have promised us will revolutionize the ...


9.0 Plants Vs Zombies 2

Read Review Plants Vs Zombies 2 Review

There's a reason that Plants Vs Zombies 2 has the subtitle "It's About Time." It's become a global phenomenon, encompassing multiple platforms, books, figurines, plushies and more. That all of this has comes from a ...


6.0 Dubai Delivery

Read Review Dubai Delivery Review

Dubai, like many places in the east, is a city of opposites. Wholly modern but with tradition and history spanning millennia, it's one of those places that almost everybody has heard of, but many wouldn't be able to ...


8.0 Le Vamp

Read Review Le Vamp Review

Le Vamp is another in a seemingly endless run of endless runner games on the App Store. Where many games put you in direct control of a character who has to run, jump, and/or fight for as long as possible, Le Vamp ...


7.0 Delta V Racing

Read Review Delta V Racing Review

On its surface, the idea of making a 2D car combat game seems.... odd. The beauty of combat racers is the feel of being inside a course, smashing against walls and flying around corners on the way to victory. As a ...


8.5 Rivals at War 2084

Read Review Rivals at War 2084 Review

Have you ever wanted to manage a company of interstellar mercenaries? Sure, who hasn't? Have you ever wanted to distill the act of managing that company of interstellar mercenaries down to a card game, complete ...


9.0 Mikey Hooks

Read Review Mikey Hooks Review

Upon releasing Mikey Shorts in 2012, BeaverTap Games suddenly found themselves at the forefront of handheld platforming, perfecting the speed run formula with impeccably-designed levels and controls in their debut ...


6.5 Bloodmasque

Read Review Bloodmasque Review

It can be easy to find fault with some of the Square Enix iOS releases: whether its laughably bad pricing models (Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, Demons' Score) or overpriced re-releases (the Final Fantasy ...


8.5 Riptide GP 2

Read Review Riptide GP 2 Review

When Riptide GP arrived on iOS in late 2011, it brought with it a flood of beautiful memories from the early days of 3D and polygons. It was like a mix of Jet Moto and Hydro Thunder, a balls-to-the-wall aquatic ...


7.5 TurtleStrike

Read Review TurtleStrike Review

Bet you never thought a mobile game could have you grinning, cursing at your phone and trying to get inside the mind of a player on the other side of the world. Turtlestrike requires more thought and cunning than ...


5.5 Eternal Descent Heavy Metal Heroes

Read Review Eternal Descent Heavy Metal Heroes Review

Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is yet another in a long line of endless runner games that have come to iOS. It's s bit of a stale genre at this point, but everyone is trying to liven it up and find the magic ...


6.5 Deus Ex: The Fall

Read Review Deus Ex: The Fall Review

The words "console quality" get thrown around way too often in the mobile game-o-sphere. I've been guilty of it, too: desperately clamoring for a bar-raising iOS game, we've been all too-willing to slap a AAA-tag on ...



Read Review LIMBO Review

One of the most well-received games of 2010, Limbo was one of the signature XBLA releases that established it as a legitimate digital platform. Quiet and haunting, Limbo's puzzles and ethereal setting challenged ...


5.5 Naughty Boy

Read Review Naughty Boy Review

Every spoiled little rich kid has wanted to grab a slingshot and destroy his house while shooting at all the members of his family, right? Okay, so I guess I have no idea. The creators of Naughty Boy decided that ...


5.5 Contra Evolution

Read Review Contra Evolution Review

Contra Evolution Introduction Remakes are a finicky endeavor; nostalgic gamers might enjoy updated graphics and sound with their favorite old titles, but messing with classic gameplay elements is a big no-no. For ...


6.5 Garfield’s Wild Ride

Read Review Garfield’s Wild Ride Review

Garfield has eaten too much - as always - and has decided that he needs to take a nap - as always. He's not likely to get an easy sleep, however, because as soon as his head hits the pillow, he's transported to a ...


8.0 Magic 2014

Read Review Magic 2014 Review

It would be hard to argue that Magic: the Gathering was not the most popular CCG on the planet. It's been going strong for 20 years now because of the excellent tactical gameplay. While many card games end up being ...


7.5 League of Evil 3

Read Review League of Evil 3 Review

Never a fan of torturous hardcore platformers, Ravenous Games' League of Evil stole my heart in 2011 with its magnificent controls and pixelated graphic style. Not only did it kick off the well-loved (and hated) ...


2.0 Drop and Jump

Read Review Drop and Jump Review

Poor design choices and a fundamentally broken experience leave a queasiness-inducing taste, making this a game should have been tested behind closed doors and never released to the public.


9.0 XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Read Review XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

The most common complaint leveled against mobile gaming is the seeming lack of "console-quality experiences" - which, despite being a bit of a moot point (it's a tablet, not a console, correct?), is grounded in some ...


7.0 Shelter

Read Review Shelter Review

Shelter is a zombie-themed card game for mobile devices. Card games seem to be really hot now and zombies are never not the flavour of the week, so the combination of the two is something I'm amazed hasn't happened ...


8.5 Kingdom Rush Frontier

Read Review Kingdom Rush Frontier Review

Not long after the release of Kingdom Rush on iOS in 2011, Ironhide Studios announced a sequel for the game - and save for a few screenshots released during the holiday season, they kept a pretty tight lid on ...


6.5 Warhammer Quest

Read Review Warhammer Quest Review

For the most part, iOS and Android ports of board games are pretty straightforward, relying on the convenience of having classic tabletop titles without all the plastic pieces, dies, and paper objects needed for the ...


9.0 Star Wars: KotOR

Read Review Star Wars: KotOR Review

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the touchstone RPG's of my life. It's the first BioWare game I had ever played, having missed the large majority of them as a person who spent most of my time on ...


8.5 Dead Ahead

Read Review Dead Ahead Review

Designing an endless runner game that catches the attention of the public must be a challenge. The App store is flooded with them, because they are great for quick gaming sessions and they don't typically require ...


8.5 Narcoguerra

Read Review Narcoguerra Review

NarcoGuerra is the latest in a series of 'Game the News' games. The idea is to take a real world issue, in this case the ongoing battle between Mexican police forces and drug cartels, and make it a little easier to ...


8.0 Sonic The Hedgehog

Read Review Sonic The Hedgehog Review

The original ports of the classic Sonic franchise to iOS were not so well-received: running on a terrible, cheap-looking emulator, the various Sega classics (be it Sonic, Streets of Rage, or others) just looked and ...


8.5 Sorcery

Read Review Sorcery Review

Grey-bearded old gamers love to spin tales of the glorious days back when playing a game meant running text adventures on a university mainframe. Good times indeed, grandpa, but there’s a slightly less-grizzled ...


9.0 Star Command

Read Review Star Command Review

Star Command is easily some of the most fun I have ever had on iOS and is a game that you almost have to have if you play on your phone or tablet. If you've heard of Star Command at all, you will likely understand ...


7.5 LEGO Batman DC Superheroes

Read Review LEGO Batman DC Superheroes Review

In general terms, if you've played one LEGO title, you've played 'em all. Though each series features different, property-specific mechanics (like the spells in the Harry Potter titles), the concept never changes. ...


7.5 Mailboxing

Read Review Mailboxing Review

Have you ever been tempted to knock over a few mailboxes? How about whilst driving a tank and whilst dressed as Kim Jong Un? Mobile games need to be easy to pick up, easy to play, humorous (or at least ...


7.0 TMNT Rooftop Run

Read Review TMNT Rooftop Run Review

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had a rough run the last two decades; what began as a mid-80s comic book grew into a cultural phenomenon in the early 1990s. Most kids I grew up with had the TMNT lunch box, the ...


7.5 Asphalt 6

Read Review Asphalt 6 Review

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline continues the Asphalt series with new cars, new tracks, and more intense racing action on mobile devices. Visually, this game is as close to Triple-A as it gets on Android and iOS, but the ...


9.0 Ridiculous Fishing

Read Review Ridiculous Fishing Review

The story behind Vlambeer's Ridiculous Fishing is almost as interesting as the game itself - a frustrating, occasionally inspirational story about an indie developer fighting a 'clone war' against another title that ...


8.0 Tekken Card Tournament

Read Review Tekken Card Tournament Review

Every so often, I find myself browsing through the catalog of games available on the iOS App Store. Most of the time I find nothing that particularly catches my eye, and I move on to other things. Other times, ...


8.0 Mr. Crab

Read Review Mr. Crab Review

There are thousands upon thousands of developers and publishers selling their games and apps in Apple's mobile marketplace - but there's only a few handful of those companies whose every release piques the interest ...


5.5 Sand Slides

Read Review Sand Slides Review

Sand Slides has a very simple premise. Coloured sand will fall from the top of the screen, and you must make sure that that sand falls into the right coloured funnel. You do this by creating slides, using the touch ...


8.0 Nimble Quest

Read Review Nimble Quest Review

You've proably heard of Rogue-likes, but have you ever heard of a Snake-like? Unlikely. Obviously someone played a lot of Snake a child and thought 'You know what would make this better? If it had some light RPG ...


7.0 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Read Review Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

At first glance, Warner Bros.'s Injustice: Gods Among Us seems thoroughly unappealing: it is a watered-down version of its console counterpart, with simplified controls and repetitive gameplay design, topped off by ...


8.5 Year Walk

Read Review Year Walk Review

If you had the opportunity to look one year into your future would you do it? Would you want to see if a new business venture paid off, or if a lost love might return to your life? Perhaps you'd see something ...


9.0 iOOTP Baseball 2013

Read Review iOOTP Baseball 2013 Review

For some baseball fans, the Out of the Park Baseball series appears too dense and text-based to be enjoyed. At first, it can be – managing an entire baseball organization from top to bottom is no easy task. But the ...


8.0 Badland

Read Review Badland Review

Badland might be crammed into the category of an “Autorunner”, the genre of gaming where characters zoom along the screen and players just need to hit a jump button at the right moment. But the character in Badland ...


7.5 The Wild Kingdoms

Read Review The Wild Kingdoms Review

Many's the day I spent in my childhood trying to combine my two favorite things: Card games and Chess. I never quite succeeded. When I first fired up The Wild Kingdoms for review, I found that I was clearly not the ...


6.0 No Chicken Soup Today

Read Review No Chicken Soup Today Review

Although frustrating to get the hang of at first, No Chicken Soup Today is a good way to pass the time when you're stuck in a waiting room somewhere. It's one of those rare platformers that give you an actual ...


3.5 50

Read Review 50 Review

50 is a simple game. Flick a coin down a wooden plank with painted numbers and make up to 50. No more, no less. Sometimes the numbers are in a different place, sometimes the surface area they cover is a little ...


3.5 Aliens Need Burgers

Read Review Aliens Need Burgers Review

Aliens Need Burgers has a goofy and semi-charming premise: aliens who love hamburgers come to Earth to relieve us of our beloved cow meat. Fortunately enough, there's a satellite worker hanging outside the ...


9.0 Fun Run Multiplayer Race

Read Review Fun Run Multiplayer Race Review

Fun Run is a multiplayer mobile game that can eat your "free" time! Whenever you sit down for a few minutes and you gonna have your mobile phone in hands - I bet you will turn this game on. The game allows you to ...


7.0 New Soccer Star

Read Review New Soccer Star Review

Introduction New Soccer Star has been around for a long time, but its jump to mobile devices has rocketed the franchise to new heights. Not only did its creator, Simon Read, win a BAFTA over other, more established ...