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blank News 11 years ago

Your Vita is Ready for PlayStation 4

A new update for the PlayStation Vita might not seem to do very much right now, but it actually contains an awful lot. If you're planning to buy a PlayStation 4 over the coming weeks, today's Vita update prepares your handheld for many of the cross-platform features Sony have previously announced.

blank News 11 years ago

EU PS Plus Dark Souls II and Destiny of Spirits Betas Incoming

The beta for Dark Souls II will be available to European PS Plus subscribers this Sunday. Starting at 7 a.m. GMT on the 27th, players will get to try and survive in the punishing, brutal world that is Dark Souls II. Here’s more from the official announcement, courtesy of the Playstation Blog:  Developed by From Software, Dark Souls II is the highly anticipated sequel to the punishing 2011 breakout hit Dark Souls. The unique old-school action RPG experience captivated imaginations…

blank News 11 years ago

FuturLab Announce Surge Deluxe

FuturLab announced last week that they'd be revealing a new game. If you loved the addictive PlayStation Mobile title Surge, you'll be desperate to get your hands on Surge Deluxe, a new remake for PlayStation Vita. The updated game included PlayStation trophies and leaderboards, as well as several fixes to scoring and to the way you'll be chaining blocks for big points.

blank News 11 years ago

FuturLab Announcing New Project Today

The team behind Velocity 2X, Futurlab, will be announcing another project today. The announcement will happen at the PlayStation Blog at 4pm BST and will no doubt continue their tradition of creating addictive, modern takes on classic genres. Aside from the fact that the announcement is happening - shared by James Marsden on Twitter - no other information about the new project has been announced.

blank News 11 years ago

FIFA 14 Vita Screens Show EA has changed Nothing Since 13

Thinking of buying FIFA 14 for the Vita this year? It's probably best you hold off on that, especially if you own FIFA 13. People had presumed there'd be overwhelming similarities, EA had even confirmed it, but this is actually beyond ridiculous. The Legacy editions contain no gameplay changes whatsoever, and you can see it with a single glimpse at this $40 title.

blank News 11 years ago

Final Fantasy X/X-2 English Trailer

Fresh out of TGS, Square Enix have released an English version of their new Final Fantasy X/X-2 trailer. It shows off a little from X and a little from X-2 and shows off some of the battle sequences we can expect to go through when the Remastered pack launches this Winter - perhaps a confirmation that it won't be available until next year.

Vita TV News 11 years ago

Vita TV Can’t Physically Work with All Games

The Vita TV is a pretty exciting prospect, allowing those with no interest in a portable handheld to play a great collection of titles at a low price from the comfort of their TV. There's one thing that we don't know, however, and that's exactly how Vita TV is going to make up for not having a rear and front touch pad.

Vita TV News 11 years ago

Vita TV Announced

Sony have today announced Vita TV, a device that does everything the Vita does, without the portability. By plugging the device into your TV, you can play the latest Vita titles like you would any other game. Available for $99 and compatible with every feature of the Vita, Vita TV is a cheaper option for those that don't necessarily want the Vita device, but want to play the games available for the system.

blank Articles, News 11 years ago

New Releases this week | Sept 2nd – Sept 8th 2013

Bit of an average week for releases. The featured game this week is none other than Diablo III. Will console gamers welcome it with open arms or will it be largely ignored? Only time will tell. Other releases this week includes Mickey Mouse making a comeback, a couple rhythm games, a farmer's dream game and a return to Helghan.

blank News 11 years ago

Rayman Legends lacking content on Vita

Rayman Legends on the Vita is not quite as complete as what you would get if playing on any of the other consoles. Released to pretty much all main consoles last week, the portable version of Ubisoft's wacky platformer lacks any of the Invasion levels found on PS3, 360 and Wii U.