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Steamworld Dig 2 Announced For PlayStation 4 and STEAM

We’ve known for a little bit now that Steamworld Dig 2 was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Image & Form said early on that the title wouldn’t be exclusive to the platform and they’d announce other platforms later. And now its later and we know that the game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and STEAM also. Along with that, we have details about where else the game will and will not appear.


Steamworld Dig 2 has been announced for the Playstation 4 and STEAM. The game was first announced only for the Nintendo Switch. Image & Form, the game’s developer, has not given a specific date for when the game will come out. We only know that it’ll be late summer or early fall.

It was also announced that the game will not be coming to the Wii U. Image & Form said that “we will no longer make new Wii U games” because the Switch has “firmly” taken the place of the Wii U. This is not surprising. I find it disappointing but I figured Dig 2 wouldn’t be coming to the system…

On brighter news though, Image & Form said “Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are still important to us. We won’t talk more about portable versions today, but rest assured we have not forgotten where we came from.” Since I don’t have a Switch yet, I’m hoping that it won’t be too long till we see the game for the 3DS.

What do you think of Steamworld Dig 2? Which system will you get the game for?

Source: Image & Form


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