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Sony Exclusives on Point

Sony hit it home this E3 with games galore, which is what most people are looking for at an E3 Briefing. All the big PlayStation franchises are heading back to the system, including God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, and more. While their presentation itself could have used some spicing up, the content was there.

Unfortunately, my time with PlayStation products has been pretty short, so the excitement over all these games finally coming to the system don’t mean as much to me as to other people. However, the energy and buzz surrounding these announcements and trailers was undeniable: PlayStation players want these games, and Sony is delivering.

It helped that they all looked pretty great, and all got full blown trailers, and none of this sneak peak crap. Within the next year, Sony has a great lineup of exclusives for their console, which could make it the gaming platform of choice in 2017 and 2018 despite the launch of the Xbox One X.

Monster Hunter appeared to be one of the better announcements today. Although originally it was a PlayStation 2 title, the last number of releases have been exclusive to the Nintendo family of systems. To see this franchise back on PS4 and in stunning HD is wonderful, and is only good news for Monster Hunter fans.

We will have more on all these titles soon, but for now, enjoy a few of the big announcements from Sony below!

Monster Hunter

Shadow of the Colossus

God of War



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