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Could Sony and Microsoft have their own Amiibos?

The little plastic toy trade is going well for Activision, Disney and Nintendo, filling the coffers in a way that few franchises manage to do. Should Microsoft and Sony get in while they still can?

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April Games with Gold Xbox One / 360

It is DOUBLE Games with Gold for April. While some may have thought Microsoft was pulling a big April Fools joke, the reality - according to 'E' on Major Nelson's Podcast - is that Games with Gold turns one this April, and this is how Microsoft is giving back.

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With Consoles Lacking Couch Co-op, Shiftlings Shines

The era of couch co-op with the Xbox One and PS4 is quickly dying. Sure, I'm obviously not stating that couch co-op is nonexistent. It is available in a few titles, but un-liked Nintendo, the other two companies know that their success, and the success of their games, relies on a solid, online network. Shiftlings appears to be built for multiplayer.

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Incentives, Gaming, And How It Works

As anyone with a vested interest in video games knows full well, they have come quite a long way since then. And yes, that goes beyond the vast improvements in graphics, storytelling, and other aspects of games. Incentives have become an important part of the experience, especially as developers and companies fight to ensure that you keep playing their game, console, platform, etc.

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First Look: Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is only free until April 10th but after playing the game for about an hour and a half I realized I won't need much more time to complete the entire game and successfully unlock all achievements, netting me the 1000/1000 score. The total amount of time to complete this game is about 3-5 hours depending on your driving skill. Most of the achievements are story related or task related, One achievement entirely depends on your skills for combo chains as a Forza driver and a little luck to go your way to achieve a 50,000 point score.

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Nintendo Direct: amiibo

Today's Nintendo Direct shed a lot of light on the newest wave of amiibo, as well as other amiibo that will be launching later this year in conjunction with a number of games. Here are the highlights (courtesy of my viewing, and Nintendo of Canada's Press Release):

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Nintendo Direct 04-01-15

I was promised in the email from Nintendo of Canada that tomorrows Nintendo Direct was not an April Fools joke. The direct is aimed at updating games that Nintendo is working on, particularly those coming in 2015. A Nintendo Treehouse presentation is to follow outlining a 2015 Spring title.

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Opinion: Caving to Pressure and the War on Women

Lionhead removed the poster after sensitive voices found it crude. The upsetting thing is that their judgement came entirely from their own view of women.

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New Wii U Zelda Title Delayed

During a video posted on Facebook, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma announced that the newest Legend of Zelda game would be delayed. Although no release date was initially given when first announced, it was hoped that the game would get released during holiday 2015.

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Captain Toad update uses Toad amiibo

Nintendo has update their wildly popular puzzle title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game to work with the new, and hard to find, Toad amiibo. Scanning Toad into the game will offer an extra challenge on each level throughout the game. A pixel Toad will appear on a wall somewhere in the level, and players are challenged with rotating the level, finding the Toad, and tapping on him using the stylus to complete the challenge.