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Detective Pikachu Is On the Case

Pokemon is one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises. There are a ton of Pokemon games and spinoffs coming out all the time. The newest Pokemon spinoff, currently in Japan, is Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination for the 3DS!


Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination was released today (Feb. 3rd) in Japan for the 3DS. While there is no release date for North America yet, I would find it hard to believe that a Pokemon title wouldn’t come over here.

Gematsu describes the game as “A “cinematic adventure” game, Great Detective Pikachu is set in Rhyme City, where Pokemon and people live together. A young boy named Tim comes to this city to fulfill a certain purpose. Here, he meets Pikachu, and a new story begins.”




I’m not sure what to think about Detective Pikachu. The game looks neat, but I’m not a Pokemon fan. Will this game appeal to non-Pokemon fans like me or will it just be for the fans? I know that many Pokemon fans online seem to be really excited for this game! Hopefully, Nintendo will announce Detective Pikachu is coming over to North America and Europe in their next Nintendo Direct. As for me, I would definitely try the game out if there’s a demo!

Here is some footage of Detective Pikachu from Daan Koopman (@NintenDaan):



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