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More Thoughts From Me #4: Splat Attack!

Have you played Splatoon? If not, you’re really missing out. With Splatoon, Nintendo has created a wonderful, Wii U defining game. Here are my thoughts about Splatoon and why I love it!



Most Nintendo games are all about the single player and if there’s an online feature, its more of an afterthought or a nice addition. Splatoon, on the other hand, is totally different. The single player in Splatoon is the afterthought. The story, in my opinion, is not that good. And the single player gameplay is alright, but lacks the excitement of the online. I still haven’t beat the story mode and I doubt I ever will. I know I’ll get back to the online mode though.

In Splatoon’s online mode, you play against other players and try to paint the most territory. There are many people who look at Splatoon as if its a shooter and some people even play it as if its a shooter too. Splatoon is not a shooter though! There are shooting elements in Splatoon, but thats not the goal. The goal of Splatoon is to put as much ink on the ground as possible. You split up into teams and have to work with your team to beat the other team. Splatoon’s online mode is totally addictive and amazing!

You’ll start playing Splatoon and think that you’ll play one or two matches. An hour or more later and you’ve lost count on how many matches you’ve played. “Just one more game” is Splatoon’s secret motto. The online is totally addictive. Even if you haven’t played it in awhile, like me, you’ll be thinking a lot about it and want to get back to it. There may not be as many reasons to go back to it as there once was, but its still an amazing game!

One of the things that really made Splatoon’s online amazing was the constant updating of the multiplayer modes, levels, and equipment by Nintendo. As of last month, that has stopped. Though, there was recently a hint that there might be something else coming. I hope thats true! It would be amazing to see more Splatoon content. Even if that doesn’t happen, Splatoon is a game I want to play again. You should play it too.

Splatoon is absolutely a must have Wii U game. No Nintendo gamer, heck no gamer period, should be without this game. It is the defining game of the Wii U (so far). Yes, Super Mario Maker is awesome (I love it), but Splatoon is a totally new concept thats exclusive to Wii U and the one game I’d recommend to gamers of all ages. You can’t miss it. Go out and get it now!

I’ll be back next week with a totally different topic. Take care!


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