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FreezeMe Arrives on the Wii U Eshop Today

FreezeMe is a 3D platformer in the vain of Super Mario 64. The game comes to the Wii U eshop today. Here is a first look at FreezeMe.


FreezeMe wants to be Super Mario 64. There is a huge open world, different missions to take on, platforming challenges, and other bits and pieces that will make you think of Super Mario 64. But will the game create its own identity or just live in Mario’s shadow?


I received a review copy of FreezeMe for the Wii U yesterday. My early reaction of the game is mixed. FreezeMe does have a Super Mario 64 vibe and thats nice, but, so far, everything about it seems a bit generic and its Wii U gamepad controls are problematic. I am very early on in the game and this is not a review of FreezeMe. I will have to play a lot more of the game to come to a full conclusion. I like that a developer is trying to make a platformer on the level on Mario 64. I think there will be a lot of people interested in this game. It remains to be seen whether FreezeMe will turn out to be a great game, a good one, or just an ok one.

I should have a full review of FreezeMe for Wii U next week!

What do you think of FreezeMe? Does this game interest you?


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