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7th Dragon III: Code: VFD Is Coming to the 3DS This Summer

This is the new of the 3DS rpg. Every time you turn around, someone is announcing or showing off an upcoming rpg for the system. The latest to announce an rpg is Sega. 7th Dragon III: Code: VFD has been announced for this summer.


7th Dragon: III Code: VFD will be coming to the 3DS this summer. The game will take place in multiple time periods and let you create your own character to play as. There are 32 different appearances for the character and 8 classes that you can become.

Here is how the official 7th Dragon website describes the game’s story:

” The cycle of battle between humankind and mysterious extraterrestrial creatures called dragons that spans 20,000 years will enter its final phase when the 7th True Dragon VFD appears in Tokyo. As you explore the past, present, and future, and learn more about the relationships between those time periods, the truth about the 7th True Dragon will slowly be revealed.”

For more information about the game, check out the official website here.

Also, check out this trailer for the game:

I like the look of the graphics and the sound of this game’s concept. Though, there are a lot of rpgs coming this year. Will 7th Dragon stand out or will it get lost in the crowd?


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