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Samsung Series 7 55inch Q7 UHD QLED TV Review

Samsung Series 7 55inch Q7 UHD QLED TV

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Samsung
Developer: Samsung
Genre: Hardware, TVs


Perfect About Rating

For the majority of people, a television set is, well, a televisions set, and while you might notice the weight difference between an LCD and an LED, or perhaps the brightness differences between a plasma and a non-plasma TV, the reality is the majority of people will not know whether they are watching on a great TV versus a phenomenal TV. Prior to receiving the Samsung Series 7 55inch Q7 UHD QLED TV from Samsung Canada, I was using your average Sharp, LED HD TV. I was happy with it, but when my Xbox One X arrived from Xbox Canada, I knew that the Sharp I had been using for the past 3 years wasn’t going to cut it.

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Then Samsung stepped up, and here I am.

The Q7 is not a cheap TV, and should you decide to go this route, be prepared to spend just shy of $4000 to bring this into your home. But the advantages over ‘cheap’ TVs is apparent from the moment you take it out of the box. The first thing likely to smack you right in the face is how classy this setup looks. While mounting the TV on the wall is an option, for the time being I’ve decided to use the stand. It is a solid metal that will hold your TV roughly six inches off the top of your entertainment unit. While I originally thought the two pieces of metal that I combined with 4 smalls screws might not be the steadiest solution, I was pleasantly surprised. On the stand, this TV won’t budge or shuffle around easily.


It should be noted that should you want to mount your TV on the wall, all the accessories to complete this process are included with your TV, and unlike other TVs, the newer Samsung models have a ‘no-gap’ mounting system, which means your TV will be flush against the wall.

The other instant feature you will notice when unloading your TV from the box is the inclusion of a hub – the One Connect Box – that sits below your TV, which all your other devices can plug into. This hub not only allows for the previously mentioned no-gap mounting, but also provides a much cleaner look for those who choose to use the stand. The TV itself has no HDMI ports on board the unit, but rather just a single, optical cord that runs from the back of the TV to the hub. From there, 4 HDMI ports, an antenna port, and numerous USB ports are available for your numerous games and gadgets. As of tight now, I have plugged in a PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, and my Cogeco cable. My entertainment space has never looked cleaner.


Samsung has made their latest lineup of TV’s incredibly easy to use, and with Bluetooth built into the TV and associated Samsung products alike, getting up and running was a piece of cake. Within 10 minutes I had setup my TV, which included logging into my Netflix and Google Movies, connecting to my Cogeco cable box, and had even been able to sync the included remote with my Xbox One, PlayStation4, and Nintendo Switch. Using voice commands through the remote, I was able to say any command, and instantly navigate to that application, and when applicable, it would turn on. That meant swapping between my Xbox One X games and Sports Centre was as easy as saying, “Cogeco.” When you are not use to those types of features, they are always an initial shock to the system!

Picture Quality

At the end of the day, features like those mentioned above don’t mean a whole lot if the picture quality doesn’t equal or surpass that quality. Thankfully, Samsung has dozens of years of technology expertise behind them, and it shows with this run of 4K televisions. The picture across all platforms is flawless, whether watching my favorite NHL teams play in 4K, or catching some of the MLS Playoffs. When side by side with my older – but still 4K compatible – TV, the difference is very noticeable, despite both advertising 4K capabilities.

And that’s what really stood out to me when using this television. Most companies now are touting their 4K television lineups, but not every picture is created equal, despite how they might advertise. If there wasn’t a difference, know one would buy a $4000 television over a $1000 setup. With Samsung, you are getting the best of the best, both in build quality and picture quality. If you are serious about your picture quality, and only want to watch and play on the best, dig deeper into the claims of the televisions you are going to buy. I guarantee you the Samsung brand is offering a lot more in its 4K television, than some of the competitors who are advertising at a lower price.

It should be noted that your picture quality is generally only as good as the devices you have hooked into it. My 4K enabled cable box and Xbox One X are both pumping out great pictures on the TV, but I wouldn’t expect the same if you are using a regular Xbox One or standard cable box. While things can look better – thanks to a host of picture optimization options built into the Samsung televisions – they won’t be native 4K. So often, people complain about the price and quality of a TV when their regular 1080p content doesn’t look starkly different on a new setup when compared to an older setup. You need the required equipment to make the most of your TV. Take that into consideration when purchasing your products.


I’ve used a number of TV’s in my lifetime, both ones that I’ve owned and those of friends and family. I can say with every confidence that I’ve never seen a better quality television than the one sitting in my living room right now, both in terms of build quality and picture quality. Yes, you are going to pay to get this experience, but for those looking for a quality built, clean, easy to use television setup, the Samsung Series 7 55 inch QLED TV is the option for you!



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