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Nintendo Details Twilight Princess HD Enhancements

We are getting ever closer to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD’s release date. Today, Nintendo released a press release detailing the game’s enhancements over the original game. Let’s find out what’s different!



Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be coming to the Wii U on March 4th. The game will include several enhancements over the Gamecube/Wii versions.

For instance, Nintendo says in today’s press release that “players can easily access their map and inventory at all times using the intuitive touch screen, as well as quickly transform into a wolf with one easy tap.”

I love the idea of having a map and inventory available at all times. Plus, tapping the screen to turn into the wolf will be pretty cool. Though, I have to admit, I will be using the game’s Off-TV mode a lot more than the map/inventory mode! Its very nice to have both options though. I love it when Nintendo uses the gamepad a lot.

Twilight Princess HD will also have Miiverse stamps that you can find “hidden away throughout Hyrule.”

There will be some new content added to the game too, such as the Ghost Lantern and Hero Mode.

The Ghost Lantern “will glow when in the same area as a Poe (a kind of ghost), making the Poe soul-retrieving quest much easier to complete.” That sounds very cool to me!

As for the Hero Mode, it is “a challenging new mode” which “can also be selected when starting a new game. In this mode, Link will take double the normal damage and there are no heart drops. In addition, if Link finds Rupees in a treasure chest while his wallet is already full, Rupees will no longer be returned to that chest. Players are also less likely to reach the limit of their wallets, as they have been modified to hold more Rupees.”

I’m sure some people will really love Hero Mode, but I’ll probably avoid it. I just want to enjoy Twilight Princess again and don’t care about a harder mode.

Finally, it should be noted that if you have the Wolf amiibo, you can unlock a new area called the “Cave of Shadows”. The wolf amiibo will also be able to store data that can be used on Zelda Wii U!

Nintendo hinted in the press release that there are other updates to Twilight Princess, but they didn’t want to give away everything. I wonder what else has been added to the game! I definitely can’t wait to find out.



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