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Microsoft Undercuts Sony in the UK with Xbox Price Drop

Microsoft has never had a strong showing in Europe and this generation is no different. The Xbox One received its second price cut since launch, dropping the Kinect-less bundle from £349.99 to £329.99. There console now comes in £20 cheaper than their main competitor, the PS4.

blank Articles, News 9 years ago

The Benefits of Gaming for Disability and Brain Injury Patients

We all know that gaming is fun. I love it, I have for many years and I will continue to for many more to come. It’s something I do most days and quite frankly the idea of going without is a thing of nightmares. The idea of suffering a stroke and no longer being able to do the activities I love due to loss of movement and cognitive function terrifies me, as does the thought of losing the use of my hands through an accident or disorder, and as a self-confessed hypochondriac I tend to think of the possibility and impact of these things far too much. This mere nightmare of mine is however some people’s reality and the admiration I hold for those who don’t let it stop them doing the things they love, cannot be quantified.

blank Articles, News 9 years ago

A Week of Wacky, Weird, and Wonderful Video Game News

Outside of the recent #gamergate controversy, video game news is often very predictable. You know a few days or weeks before a game launch you'll have reviews to read, at the end of each month you will have console and software numbers to debate about, and every so often you'll get a nice dose of wacky, and sometimes wonderful, news. The last few weeks seem to be full of wacky and wonderful gaming news.

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Live Betting Around the World

There was a time when betting was confined to massive casinos or tiny smoke-filled shops filled with old men with nothing better to do. With the rise of the internet this has quickly changed, allowing people to gamble to their heart's content from the warmth and comfort of their homes. As internet speeds have increased, so have the ways in which we're able to part with our hard-earned money. Live betting allows you to gamble on events as they happen, and they're popular throughout the world.

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Buying a PS4 or Xbox One Now is better than at Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, you'd be forgiven for saving your money. Before you lock up your wallet for the next three months though, just take a look at some of the deals on consoles available right now - you might save cash by buying earlier.

blank Articles, News 9 years ago

Different Levels of Caring: Xbox and Sony vs Nintendo

The current generation is made up of three consoles, with each console doing its best to steal sales and finish number one month after month. Different levels of 'trying' are required. Sony and the PS4 are getting sales regardless of what they do; many of Sony's new following have been swayed by statements (not always necessarily true) made about its number one competitor, Microsoft's Xbox One. Microsoft has more work to do than Sony, although almost completely abandoning Kinect has done wonders for their sales numbers. With a number of high profile releases coming up, Microsoft will be doing just fine come Holiday 2014. Nintendo, on the other hand, lags behind the competition, despite offering quality titles and recently working hard to market their products.

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Microsoft Buys Mojang and Minecraft for Estimated 2.5 Billions

It is official. Mojang posted on their own website that, "Yes, the deal is real. Mojang is being bought by Microsoft." This is probably great news for Microsoft as purchasing a giant such as Minecraft is bound to make them a lot more than they spent. One thing Microsoft isn't getting, however, is the brilliant mind of Minecraft creator, Notch.

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Nintendo Continues Marketing With eShop Super Smashing Sale

Nintendo has one more mega hit left in 2014 and they no it. Sure, Hyrule Warriors is huge in Japan,but no one can really believe that it will do similarly as well in the English speaking world. So, why not use Super Smash Bros as a marketing tool. Nintendo has been dropping bombshell after bombshell, and it continued this week with their Super Smashing Sales event happening on the Nintendo eShop for the next few weeks.

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Nintendo are Opening up to Fans

Nintendo understands that they are in the uphill climb. The first step to recovery: admittance. Thankfully, Nintendo execs are not just sitting on their gold thrones using their millions of dollars to 'get by' until the next Nintendo console launches. They truly believe the Wii U can be turned around, and all their effort as of late has been to market anything and everything coming out for their systems.

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Journalists: Ignore #GamerGate and #NotYourShield at your Peril

The story behind #GamerGate and #NotYourShield is tough to pin down exactly, because there's various origins depending on who you ask. It's either the cruel march of the misogynists, a group of white men tired of having to share their entertainment space with a set of fragile girls and "people of colour" who just want to have a tiny corner of the industry to call their own, or it's a demonstration of how the gaming industry is already a melting pot of ideas, and that this is some attempt at an acknowledgement of a press that has tried to distort the facts to their own gain. The truth is, it doesn't matter what started it, what matters is how it's dealt with, and so few journalists are doing it right.