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A Definitive Guide of Different Android Games for Hardcore Gaming Freaks

In today’s fast moving technological world, majority of people are having Android Smartphone and all of them prefer playing games on those android units. Looking at the craziness of the people different mobile gaming companies started designing different types of games that are supported on Android platforms. As a result, there has been reported massive increase in the development of different type of games based on different themes.

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Opinion: Is PlayStation 4’s Success Hurting Long-time Fans?

Unlike with the PlayStation 3, Sony have nothing to prove with their latest console, and the possibility of them slipping back into complacency could hurt the fans who were there at the very beginning.

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Interview with VGPodcasts Lloyd Hannesson – Family Gaming

Every Thursday, Games Reviews will feature an article on gaming, family life, and parenthood, something I'm very familiar with. I hope to feature discussions on what passes as acceptable for children and teens when it comes to games content, interviews with various media members, and much more. This is a platform to discuss ways in which families can sit down and play together. Some Thursdays will have reviews of family friendly games rather than an article.

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Opinion: The Last Guardian risks All-Round Disappointment

With investment from Sony and emotional investment from fans, it's possible The Last Guardian could be a disappointment if it ever actually releases.

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Doom: The Next Chapter

Sometimes it seems hard to believe that the original Doom game was published by id Software over two decades ago. Yes, it's been that long

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Microsoft going all out on Ultimate Sales

If you've just purchased an Xbox One, or if you've been cash strapped and missed out on some of the best Xbox One games available, Microsoft is about to make your day...for a small fee. All this week, Microsoft has discounted many Xbox One titles ranging from the overpriced Angry Birds Star Wars to the the always magnificent Halo series.

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Marvel Finally Picks Up Spider-Man Rights, but Can it Save the Franchise?

So it would seem that Marvel and Sony have finally realized that the divide separating Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe is unnecessary. It was announced that Sony had finally agreed to share rights and profits with Marvel in a way that allows Marvel Studios to have more control over the franchise. The possibility of Spider-Man joining the Marvel movies franchise leaves me with mixed emotions. One the one hand, this could be really successful. Marvel has had much more triumph in melding fan satisfaction, good movie making, and box office bonanzas than Sony. Bringing Spider-Man into Marvel’s purview could really only be a good financial decision for Sony. Fans truly want to see the adorable web-slinger don’t justice with a movie that captures his personality and ...

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Family and Gaming: An Interview with @gamerparent

Become older inevitably means more responsibilities, whether it revolves around work, a spouse or even kids. So tackling the topic of video games with those extra special people in your life is important, regardless if they are on board with your hobby or not.

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Pachter on Nintendo’s Delusion

Michael Pachter, popular video game industry critic, had some harsh words to say about Nintendo and the Wii U. According to Pachter, "I think that they are still in denial about the Wii U failure. You keep seeing this stat so we're up 82 percent – yeah, 40,000 units went to 70,000 units. Who cares? You're still trailing the other guys by a mile."

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Interview: Carbon Fire Studios on Frenchy Bird

When the two developers at Carbon Fire Studio decided they wanted to make a game for the Wii U, they didn't hesitate to start work on a new Flappy Bird clone.