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It’ll Only Take A Second (Or More): Bravely Second Thoughts

I don’t like Bravely Default. I started out liking the game, but later, I felt like the game was too padded and not satisfying at all. And yet, I can’t help being interested in Bravely Second. Its very rare for Square Enix to do a turn-based rpg anymore. Here are my thoughts on Bravely Second and some recently released footage for the game.



I want to be excited for Bravely Second. The recent footage looks great, especially the job trailer, and I love turn-based rpgs. That said, I ended up not liking Bravely Default because of how padded the later part of the game felt. I worry that Bravely Second will be the same way. You would think since Bravely Default did so well, Square Enix would invest more resources into Bravely Second and make sure it feels like a whole and complete game. I actually think that Bravely Default would have been perfect if the game had ended sooner. Not all turn-based rpgs need to be 50-100 hours. A good 20-40 hours would be perfect. Sure, I’d love to see an excellent 50-100 rpg, but if it can’t be done, then make it shorter. I hope Bravely Second can avoid Bravely Default’s pitfalls.

Bravely Second looks to have a lot of jobs, old and new, and a very interesting battle system. I love how the character look. Graphics wise, it does look a lot like Bravely Default, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If Bravely Second can take everything that was great about the first game (the job system, the battle system, the world) and improve on the not so great story, then we could see an rpg masterpiece for the 3DS.

But will we Bravely Second be better than Bravely Default? I know there were a lot of people who like Default, despite what happened later in the game. If you’re one of those people, why did you like it anyway? Please try to avoid specific spoilers in case there’s anybody around who still hasn’t played the first game. Just let us know why you loved Default. Are you looking forward to Bravely Second? If you didn’t like Default, what do you think about Bravely Second? I’d like to hear from both sides if possible.

Bravely Second comes out in April in North America.


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